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  • Fastest mobile Internet service by the largest Internet provider in Indonesia.
  • The stable connection you can rely on anywhere, anytime within our 4G, 3G, and other networks.
  • Easy and quick registration via *363# or MyTelkomsel app with great value packages available.
  • For kartuHalo users, non-package data is charged at Rp6/1KB.
  • For simPATI, KARTU As and Loop users, non-package data is charged at Rp100/20KB (valid from 5 July 2019).
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What is internet package?

Internet package is a volume-based internet which can be accessed through Telkomsel network with different quota options for each product (simPATI, KARTU As, Loop, and kartuHalo). Internet packages can be purchased on a subscription basis or one time purchase.

Who can activate internet packages?

All Telkomsel customers, prepaid and postpaid (simPATI, KARTU As, Loop, and kartuHalo).


How do I activate internet package?

You can activate internet package via UMB * 363 # or MyTelkomsel app.

Will the internet package be accumulated?

No, the internet package will not be accumulated even with the same package. Each internet package has a separate quota according to the package type or time of purchase and cannot be accumulated.

Which quota will be used first if I have some internet packages?

The first internet quota that will be used based on Bonus ID Priority.

I can’t find the internet package that I previously purchased, can I reactivate the package?

You can not reactivate the previously package, because the package has been updated to a better internet package.

How do I unsubscribe internet package?

You can unsubscribe internet packages via UMB *363# and select option “Berhenti”. Make sure the notification SMS is received. Even if you have unsubscribed, the quota of the internet packages still can be used until the active period expires.

How do I check usage or package status?

You can check the usage or status of the package via UMB *888# and select option "Cek Kuota", via UMB *363# and select option "Cek Status" or via MyTelkomsel app.

What if I do not have enough credit balance when the reactivation process of subscription internet package happens?

The reactivation process of the subscription internet package will fail and you are considered unsubscribing the package.

What if the internet usage exceeds internet package quota?

You will be charged non-package internet rate, which is Rp100/20KB (starting since 5 July 2019).

  1. Special for prepaid customers (simPATI, KARTU As and Loop) the price includes VAT, but for the kartuHalo price, it excludes VAT.
  2. Applies only to domestic usage (not applicable to international roaming and will be charged separately).
  3. Package notification will be delivered before the active period of packet ends through SMS.
  4. As long as you have an active package, you can access the internet using your current active quota although you do not have any credit balance.
  5. The Internet Package is valid nationwide as long as Telkomsel network is available, except for certain packages that are only applicable and can be used in certain areas and times.
  6. The renewal of the subscription package is made in accordance with the terms and conditions in the package and if the subscription renewal fails, then the customer will be automatically charged the normal rate (non-package rate).
  7. Telkomsel reserves the right to restrict and block the services in the form of telephone, SMS, or data (internet) to users known to use Telkomsel service with bad faith indication; such as the use of services beyond normal limits whether with or without the use of tools, as well as misuse of Telkomsel services in contravention of the prevailing laws and regulations, and other conditions.
  8. Telkomsel is not responsible for any misuse of Telkomsel number by any other party, or the content and packages that sold are not in accordances with product specifications from Telkomsel official services.
  9. Telkomsel is not responsible for any misuse of Telkomsel number by any other party, or the content, communications and internet usage (including content) that’s delivered and accessed through Telkomsel network.
  10. Telkomsel will provide the best speed of network access services for customers, but there are some conditions that may cause customers do not get the speed of service as expected, as well as network availability, topography factor, population density, building wall thickness, type of telecommunication equipment used , Telkomsel service usage/usage time, number of Telkomsel users, proximity of customer to location of BTS/antenna and other factors.
  11. In carrying out its services, Telkomsel reserves the right at any time to renew the service, close the service, increase/decrease the rates or quotas and the quality of the package services with such considerations:
    • Defined by the authorized party.
    • The service is not in accordance with the times and the latest technology.
    • The service is not used anymore and will be diverted with similar services; and
    • Other considerations that are appropriate and worthy by Telkomsel.
  12. By doing the renewal of a service, the customer agrees to hold Telkomsel from any and all claims and liability arising out of the policy.
  1. The use of special packages for a particular application may download the application through services such as; Play Store, iTunes, BB World or in accordance with the terms of service.
  2. Downloading services through the app will cut the package quotas unless specified in certain terms.
  3. The use of application-specific package are not cut quotas but there is the possibility of a quota cut off due to an external application that does not apply in the service, or any other data that runs like email synchronization, phonebook, OS and application updates, and others.
  4. Quota and FUP (Fair Usage Policy) are implemented on special package to ensure all Telkomsel customers get the best internet access convenience and Telkomsel has the right to reduce speed on reasonable terms of use to maintain network quality for other customers.
  5. Telkomsel Internet Services including application-specific packages can not be used for the following services:
    • Peer to peer usage (BitTorrent, eDonkey, Gnutella, Limewire, and others).
    • Machine to machine usage.
    • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) usage.
    • Other services according to Telkomsel provisions which can be determined at any time.