Moving Forward to Build Digital Indonesia

All Indonesian people deserve to get the advantage of digital technology. In order to pursue it, Telkomsel keeps moving forward to create digital solutions based in cellular technolgy to make Digital Indonesia come true.

Development Opportunity

Having the best talents is one of the reasons Telkomsel has incredibly grown. In this place, we offer a great opportunity to let our talents keep growing and become ready to answer the challenges in the ever dynamic society.

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The Young to Innovate

Develop your potentials and make contributions to Indonesian people. It's time for you to work and make meanings together with Telkomsel.

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Our Word About Telkomsel

Evita Purnamasari

by.U Creative Branding Evangelist

Evita Purnamasari
Awalludin Subarkat

General Manager Digital Product and Service Management

Awalludin Subarkat
Anindia Rahmiwati

Manager IoT Product Development and Partnership

Anindia Rahmiwati
Rony Kristianto

Head of Operating Model and Organization Transformation

Rony Kristianto