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Easy Way To Do Banking Transaction

Mobile Banking (SMS/UMB Banking) service make your banking transactions become easier. You are able to make banking transactions anytime and anywhere. Visit the nearest bank branch office and register your mobile phone number to start using Mobile Banking (SMS/UMB Banking) service


Always Connected with Technology and Network

Leading technology from Telkomsel and wide network coverage, allows you to enjoy Mobile Banking (SMS/UMB Banking) service quick and seamlessly. Our Mobile Banking (SMS/UMB Banking) services can be accessed via SMS, UMB (*141#) and mobile app (Telkomsel redi)

Mobile Banking Rates

SMS & UMB (USSD Menu Browser) Banking Service Rates
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of Rate
Send SMS/UMB Access Receive SMS/USSD
Non Financial Financial
IDR 520 IDR 1000 (not included tax) IDR 1500
IDR 520 IDR 1100 (tax included) IDR 1500


SMS Banking rate provisions:

• Send SMS is a rate charged for every order message sent from the customer's mobile phone to Bank services.

• UMB access is a rate charged when user access UMB *141# and select “Agree” to continue select a bank on the next page menu.

• Receive SMS/USSD is a rate charged when a customer receives any SMS/USSD for information send and/or response by your Bank to the customer's mobile phone for each Bank service used by the customer. The nominal rate is determined accordingly to the type of transaction and based on each bank’s policy.

• The rate of the table above will be charged to the customer's bill according to the type of transactions.

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