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Privacy Policy


Effective from July 1, 2023

Privacy Policy of Telkomsel Products or Services

Privacy Overview

Find out how Telkomsel uses and protects your data and information


Privacy Policy

This policy is intended to respect privacy and protect your personal data based on standards and conditions in accordance with regulations in Indonesia, as well as in accordance with data protection standards and/or frameworks in other countries that have an equivalent or higher level of Personal Data Protection.


The home of our privacy and cookie policy

Your privacy is important to us – just as knowing how we use your information is important to you. Our Privacy Portal gives you full visibility of how we obtain and collect, process and analyze, store, correct and update, display, publish, transfer, disseminate, or disclose; and/or delete or destroy your personal information when you use our products, services and our website, including:

  1. Basic telecommunications services (voice and short message services);
  2. Internet;
  3. Content (game, video, music, etc);
  4. Interactive TV services/IPTV;
  5. Financial technology services; and/or
  6. Websites/portals, features, applications, social media or other forms provided by us through the cellular network or internet network from time to time, as well as from other permitted sources. (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”),

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Privacy Policy


Terms and Conditions of Telkomsel Products

To provide the best and improve your experience, please read the General Terms and Conditions for Using Telkomsel Products.