1.    Download the MyTelkomsel app

2.    Select ‘Add Credit’

3.    Select the denomination you want to purchase

4.    Select your payment method

google play appstore

1.    Go to https://my.telkomsel.com/

2.    Input your Telkomsel number and T-Care PIN

3.    Select menu ‘Add Credit’ menu

4.    Select the amount of credit you want to purchase, then hit ‘Buy’

5.    Select your payment method and check out

MyGraPARI is a self-service Telkomsel machine which you can find at convenient locations across Indonesia.

To add your credit through MyGraPARI, follow these steps:


1.    Enter your Telkomsel number

2.    Confirm how much credit you want to purchase

3.    Select your payment method

4.    Enter debit/credit card information

5.    Receive confirmation

You can reload your balance using ATM