Learning at home is easier with Ilmupedia Package

Activate Ilmupedia 1GB for only Rp1,000/day and get access to Google Classroom, Rumah Belajar, Ruangguru, Zenius, Kelas Pintar, Quipper, Birru, Smartpi, Udemy, Duolingo,, Cakap, Bahaso, Cambridge Assessment English, Kipin School 4.0, Pijar Sekolah, Pahamify, BelajarPedia, also hundreds of campuses and e-learning websites.

What are the benefits?


Ketengan Kuota Belajar is here for you!

E-learning is more efficient with Ketengan Kuota Belajar! Activate the Ketengan Kuota Belajar package starting from Rp2,000 with a quota of up to 20GB.


Keep learning with Ruangguru

Activate Ruangguru Package and enjoy a full access to Ruangbelajar menu including video and articles on Ruangguru website and application, using the best network from Telkomsel.


Be more proficient in English

With the Cakap Telkomsel monthly package, you will be more fluent in English without running out of quota. Also enjoy free learning access in the Cakap English Club and get a discount voucher for English language package.

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