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Get attractive offers from fashion, culinary, to electronics by accessing the mobile coupon *606# from your phone (free service).

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What is Telkomsel Mobile Coupon?

Telkomsel Mobile Coupon is a service from Telkomsel Digital Advertising that allows you to get discount coupons via SMS from merchants located around you. You can redeem discount coupons at merchants of your choice.

How do I use a mobile coupon?

Choose the coupon you want to redeem, show it to the partner merchant who will enter the secret code to confirm your redemption, and you can enjoy your treat.

How do I get mobile coupons?

You need to be an active Telkomsel subscriber in order to receive and use mobile coupons. Browse mobile coupons by dialing *606#

How can I get an SMS coupon?

You can get an SMS coupon two ways:

  • Push Coupon

    When you are near a merchant who has been working with Telkomsel, you will immediately get a location-based SMS coupon.

  • Pull Coupon

    You can also get an SMS coupon from a merchant of your choice by accessing the UMB *606#. Here you will find many promo options from our merchant partners. Once you select your promo, you will receive an SMS coupon from that merchant instantly.

How do I stop receiving promotions from mobile coupon services (*606#)?

To stop receiving promos from *606# services, you can contact GraPARI or our Call Center at 188.

Will I be charged when receiving an SMS coupon?

No, you won’t be charged because this is an unpaid service.

Will I be charged when accessing *606#?

No, you won’t be charged.

Who can enjoy SMS coupons from Telkomsel Mobile Coupon?

Every kartuHalo, simPATI, and KARTU As user can enjoy Telkomsel Mobile Coupon.

What will happen after I get an SMS coupon?

To enjoy the promo coupon, all you need is to show the SMS coupon to the cashier at the respective merchant. The cashier will verify your coupon through your phone and then you can make a purchase.

What kind of promo coupon will I get?

You can get promo coupons from various merchants according to your location and the time.

If I’m a merchant, how can I offer coupons to Telkomsel users?

If you’re a merchant business, Telkomsel Mobile Coupon can support your business through our solutions. For further information and to learn how you can use coupons, email us at:

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

If an interruption occurs related to this program, you can easily get in touch with us. Customers can contact GraPARI or our Call Center at 188.