Help a Friend in Need & Win a Lucky Draw

Transfer airtime to friends who are short of credit, and receive airtime when you need them. You can also win a prize by joining Credit Transfer Lucky Draw!

How to Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit via MyTelkomsel App
  • Open MyTelkomsel App
  • Access "Gift" menu.
  • Input destination number, where to transfer credit.
  • Choose "Credit Transfer".
  • Select the desired payment method.
  • Enter the OTP code.
  • Receive success notifications.
Transfer Credit via UMB *858#
  • Open Call Menu
  • Dial *858# and press Call
  • Select number '1' for "Credit Transfer".
  • Enter the recipient number and the amount.
Transfer Credit fee

The credit transfer fee for credit transfer via UMB *858# and MyTelkomsel App based on nominal value is as follows:

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Denomination Basic Tariff Surcharge (Transfer > 10 times) Total (Transfer > 10 times)
Rp5,000 - Rp19,900 Rp1,850 Rp1,000 Rp2,850
Rp20,000 - Rp49,900 Rp2,500 Rp1,500 Rp4,000
Rp50,000 - Rp99,900 Rp3,000 Rp2,000 Rp5,000
Rp100,000 - Rp199,900 Rp5,000 Rp3,500 Rp8,500
Rp200,000 - Rp299,000 Rp7,500 Rp5,500 Rp13,000
Rp300,000 - above Rp10,000 Rp7,500 Rp17,500

Join Credit Transfer Lucky Draw!

Keep using credit transfer feature and redeem 1 Telkomsel POIN to get 1 lucky draw voucher for every credit transfer transaction. You can win Telkomsel credit worth up to Rp200,000 or an iPhone 12.

About Lucky Draw Credit Transfer

Lucky Draw Prize List

The total prizes are as follow:

  • 1st Prize: 12 units of iPhone 12.
  • 2nd Prize: Telkomsel credit worth Rp200,000 for 240 winners.
  • 3rd Prize: Telkomsel credit worth Rp100,000 for 180 winners.

The prizes will be drawn every month with the following details:

  • 1st Prize: 1 unit of iPhone 12.
  • 2nd Prize: Telkomsel credit worth Rp200,000 for 20 winners.
  • 3rd Prize: Telkomsel credit worth Rp100,000 for 15 winners.
Lucky Draw Coupons
  • You will get the lucky draw coupon after completing your credit transfer transaction and redeeming 1 Telkomsel POIN.
  • Your Telkomsel POIN will be automatically redeemed if you have at least 1 Telkomsel POIN.
  • If you don’t have Telkomsel POIN, you can still transfer your credit but you won’t get the lucky draw coupon.
  • You can check your lucky draw coupon via UMB *858*6#.
  • You can check your winning status by sending: MENANG via SMS to 777.

Other services

Collect Call
You can still make calls when you're low on credit. All you need is a friend who pays for it.
Collect SMS
Ran out of balance? No worries! You can still send SMS if the recipient agrees to pay for it.

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