Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the official website of PT Telekomunikasi Selular ("Telkomsel"). This page contains the terms and conditions that apply for all Telkomsel customers who use any products or services from Telkomsel (in the form of voice, SMS, or data), contents, features, social media under Telkomsel’s accounts, and any other products that can be accessed from the website or any other internet media, as well as the telecommunication networks owned by Telkomsel (“services”). By using any products or services from Telkomsel and accessing this page, an agreement will be formed between you and Telkomsel, and you will abide by the rules. Telkomsel encourages you to read the terms and conditions carefully. Telkomsel has the right to change the terms and conditions at any time, so you are also encouraged to access this page periodically in order to notice the changes (if any).

Telkomsel is a telecommunication company specializing in the cellular mobile phone with GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) system, that owns some product brands marketed in Indonesia in prepaid and postpaid service categories (altogether, they will be addressed as “Telkomsel products”).

Telkomsel Products

  • Customers who are about to use Telkomsel products will receive a starter pack including a SIM (Subscriber Identify Module) card.
  • By using a Telkomsel starter pack, customers abide by the terms and conditions including all of the changes (if any) stated by Telkomsel.
  • Telkomsel’s SIM card can only be activated in Indonesia under its validity period, following the terms and conditions stated on the SIM card package or starter pack.
  • A SIM card that has expired cannot be activated and the remaining credit balance in it will be gone. That certain Telkomsel SIM card cannot be returned to Telkomsel to be switched with the active one, and customers cannot demand any compensations from Telkomsel in that matter.
  • If customers wish to use the Telkomsel SIM card continuously, they have to follow these terms and conditions (applied to any active SIM cards):
    1. Prepaid customers must recharge or buy at least a minimum amount of credit balance before the validity period expires;
    2. Postpaid customers must pay the monthly bill before the due date.
  • Before activating Telkomsel SIM card, customers must submit their personal data and agree to state that the information they submitted is correct. Telkomsel has the right to deactivate any numbers that are registered using fake information under the rules from the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.
  • Customers who lost their Telkomsel SIM card can report to Telkomsel Customer Service at the nearest GraPARI (Telkomsel’s service outlets) and get a new SIM card without having to do any blocking process.
  • Customers are allowed to change a lost Telkomsel SIM card at GraPARI under the terms and conditions stated by Telkomsel.
  • Upon any SIM card replacement, Telkomsel has the right to:
    1. Charge any administration fee according to Telkomsel’s terms and conditions;
    2. Charge any additional costs that are needed to replace the SIM card.
  • Telkomsel is not responsible for any lost credit balance (for prepaid service) that happened to a lost or broken Telkomsel starter pack or SIM card.

Intellectual Property Rights

Telkomsel owns various brands, logos, and applications for Telkomsel’s products and all of them are protected under Indonesian law, such as, but not limited to, Copyright Law and the Law of Trademarks. You are not allowed to use, duplicate, implement, and apply any brands, logos, and/or applications without any written consent from Telkomsel. You are not allowed to use any Intellectual Property Rights owned by Telkomsel, including associating yourself with Telkomsel without any legal rights. Telkomsel has the right to sue you for any illegal usage of their Intellectual Property Rights according to the law.

Price and Tariff of Telkomsel Products

  • The price scheme for Telkomsel products can be changed at any time, following the price policy set by Telkomsel.
  • Telkomsel has the right to change/terminate/add any parts of the services or price structure at any time, following the policy set by Telkomsel and/or the Government’s approval.
  • Telkomsel can apply different tariff or rates, depends on certain location and time, following Telkomsel’s price policy.
  • The tariff can be changed at any time, following the price policy set by Telkomsel, and will be informed on Telkomsel’s website (www.telkomsel.com).
  • Every usage of Telkomsel product contains an international roaming basic feature that will be automatically activated with a certain tariff scheme set by Telkomsel.

Misuse of Service

Telkomsel has the obligation to serve the customers with the best quality and prevent any behaviors that can harm the network quality and customers’ comfort. Therefore:

  • Telkomsel has the right to restrict and block any services such as voice, SMS, or data to be used by customers who show any indication of misuse or trespass such as, but not limited to; using Telkomsel services beyond any reasonable limit with or without any tools, and/or breaking the law while using Telkomsel services.
  • Telkomsel is not responsible for any misuse of Telkomsel SIM card by another party, nor the contents and the communication happened using Telkomsel’s telecommunication network.

Service Renewal

  • On running its services, Telkomsel has the right to renew the services under, but not limited to, the following conditions:
    1. Set by the authorized party;
    2. The service is no longer suitable for the current development and latest technology;
    3. The service is no longer used and it will be converted to another similar service; and
    4. Any other considerations that are deemed appropriate and/or necessary by Telkomsel.
  • With the renewal of a certain service, customers agree to exempt Telkomsel from any claim and legal responsibility that arise from the stated policy.

Service Suspension and Blocking

Telkomsel has the right, under the policy and comfort of their customers, to block and/or suspend the service under the following, but not limited to, occurrences:

  • If there is an official request from an authorized institution;
  • If there is any indication of service misuse in any way that causes disadvantages to Telkomsel and other customers;
  • If there is a violation of these Terms and Conditions;
  • If there is a strong and valid evidence of any illegal activities using Telkomsel products such as, but not limited to, fraud, as stated in Indonesian law and regulations.
  • If customers fail to pay the postpaid bill according to the terms and conditions.

Under those suspension or blocking circumstances, customers are not allowed to demand any compensations from Telkomsel.

Force Majeure

Force majeure is an unforeseeable circumstance that happens outside of Telkomsel’s control and can potentially cause any disruption in using Telkomsel’s service comfortably, such as, but not limited to:

  • Natural disaster such as earthquake, storm, accident, flood, war, riot;
  • Any action or condition of other parties that prevents Telkomsel to provide services to customers;
  • Technical issues or any other issues outside Telkomsel’s control.

Under those forced circumstances, Telkomsel is exempt from any responsibilities.


  • Telkomsel has the right to reclaim their services from customers temporarily or completely if there is any technical errors and/or service misuse, and customers agree to exempt Telkomsel from any claims and responsibilities.
  • Telkomsel is not responsible for any claims related to any Telkomsel products used on a telephone or other infrastructures and devices related to the telecommunication services provided by Telkomsel that cause any physical injuries, illness, health risks, or any other damages caused by telecommunication service usage.
  • Every new terms and condition informed on the website or other media set by Telkomsel from time to time are parts of the subscription terms and conditions applied for Telkomsel customers.
  • Telkomsel is not responsible for any loss caused by Telkomsel products misuse done by other irresponsible parties.
  • Customers agree to receive any offers or information related to Telkomsel’s products and marketing programs associated with any Telkomsel partners under the fairness limit set by Telkomsel.
  • Customers who refuse to receive any offers or information from Telkomsel and their partners can follow this mechanism:
    1. Contact Telkomsel’s Customer Service, and the CS team will send an e-mail to the PIC of the digital advertising, concerning in your preference to register or stop subscribing
    2. Access UMB *600*600# and choose the menu  Berhenti (stop).
  • Customers who already stated that they did not want to receive any offers or informations from Telkomsel or their partners but want to change their mind can access UMB *600*600# for free to state that they agree to receive any offers or advertisements from Mitra Telkomsel Digital Advertising.
  • More specific terms and conditions will be further arranged on each of Telkomsel service’s page.
  • These terms and conditions can change at any time without prior notice, therefore customers are encouraged to access this page periodically to notice the changes (if any).