LinkAja, The Faster Way to Pay

LinkAja, The Faster Way to Pay

LinkAja allows you to top up credit, buy packages, pay online, pay merchants, pay bills, buy game vouchers, donate, send money and many more from your smartphone.

All It Takes is a Tap or Scan

Any transaction across Indonesia is faster and easier now.

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All It Takes is a Tap or Scan

No Credit Card? No Problem!

We’ve made it easy for you to pay bills and transfer money – even without a credit card. Simply download LinkAja app and start paying directly from your smartphone.

No Credit Card? No Problem!
  • FAQ

What is LinkAja?

LinkAja is an electronic money service issued and managed by PT Fintek Karya Nusantara (“Finarya”), under the permission and supervision of Bank Indonesia.

LinkAja was created to become a synergy of all electronic services from state-owned enterprises (BUMN) such as PT Telekomunikasi Selular (“Telkomsel”) with TCASH, PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk., with E-Cash, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. with UnikQu, and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk., with T-Bank.

What should I do if I need further information about LinkAja?

If you have any inquiries or complaints related to LinkAja, please send your inquiries or complaints by attaching a copy of your ID via: 

  • The nearest LinkAja service center.
  • Social media such as Instagram (@LinkAja), Facebook (LinkAja Indonesia), Twitter (@LinkAja), email (; or
  • Call Center 188 (through mobile phone for Telkomsel users) or 08071811811.

What are the benefits of using LinkAja to pay for any transaction on MyTelkomsel App?

Below are the benefits:

  • The convenience of cashless. You don’t need to use any cash, your LinkAja balance will be automatically deducted when the payment is successful.
  • More promo and special rewards. You can enjoy more special offers such as discount and cashback in a form of LinkAja Bonus Balance during a certain period of time.
  • Secure transaction. On MyTelkomsel App, LinkAja uses a payment and fraud prevention protocols to ensure your LinkAja balance is safe and secured.

How do I get LinkAja application?

You can download and Install LinkAja application on your smartphone from Play Store or App Store. LinkAja requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above or iOS 9.0 and above. LinkAja cannot be used in a rooted/unlocked device.

How do I activate the LinkAja payment method on MyTelkomsel App?

You don't need to activate LinkAja and you can immediately make any payment using LinkAja on MyTelksomel App. Please make sure you already have the LinkAja application on your device and have registered account on LinkAja.

What are Basic Service and Full-Service accounts?

  • Basic Service account: the maximum limit of balance allowed is Rp2,000,000.
  • Full-Service account: the maximum limit of balance allowed is Rp10,000,000 (you have to upgrade your account via LinkAja app trough EKYC process to have this type of account).

To check your type of LinkAja account, check your “Account” tab on LinkAja app.

Where do I top up my LinkAja balance?

You can top up LinkAja balance via:

  • Himbara Bank (BTN, BNI, Mandiri, and BRI).
  • Bank transfer included in ATM Bersama network and BCA Virtual Account.
  • Modern retails that cooperate with LinkAja such as Alfa Group, Circle K, FamilyMart, Indomaret, etc.

What should I do if I encounter any problem during LinkAja top up process?

  • Please contact LinkAja Call Center at 150911 or
  • Send an email to by also attaching the top up transaction details (LinkAja number, time of transaction, and the screenshot of top up receipt).

How do I make payment on MyTelkomsel App using LinkAja?

Please make sure you already have the LinkAja app on your device and have a registered account on LinkAja.

  1. Select the product to be purchased (credit or package).
  2. Select LinkAja on the payment method display and make sure you have sufficient balance to make a transaction.
  3. You will be directed to the LinkAja app and a confirmation page will appear.
  4. Enter your LinkAja PIN.
  5. A notification page will appear when your transaction has been successful.

Is there any additional fee (such as administration fee or tax) when I use LinkAja as a payment method?

There is no additional fee or tax for every transaction using LinkAja.

What if I forget my LinkAja PIN for transaction?

There are 3 methods to reset your PIN: using a security question, email, or contacting our Call Center. Please follow these steps if you forget your LinkAja PIN:

  1. Open your LinkAja app.
  2. Choose “Account” menu and choose “Log Out” if you are still logged in.
  3. Enter your LinkAja number.
  4. Choose “Forgot PIN?”.
  5. Choose the method to reset your PIN:
    • If you choose security question: Enter the selected question and answer, and then create a new PIN.
    • If you choose email: Enter the email address you registered for LinkAja before, enter the verification code sent to your email, and then create a new PIN.
    • If you choose Call Center: You will be directed to LinkAja Call Center at 150911.

Can I combine LinkAja and another payment method on MyTelkomsel App?

No, you cannot combine LinkAja with cash or other payment methods. You can only choose one of them.

If I do not have a LinkAja account yet, can I still make any payment using LinkAja?

No, you cannot. You need to download and install the LinkAja app first on your device and have a registered account at LinkAja.

How do I check my LinkAja balance?

You can check your LinkAja balances from the main page of LinkAja app or via UMB by following these steps:

  1. Dial *800#.
  2. Select the LinkAja “Check/Fill” menu.
  3. Select the “Check Balance” menu.
  4. Enter your 6-digit LinkAja PIN.
  5. You will receive a notification of your current LinkAja balance.

*UMB *800# can only be accessed using a Tekomsel number.

What if I make a purchase on MyTelkomsel App using LinkAja, but I don’t receive the product while my balance is already deducted?

Don’t worry. You can file your complaint to one of these contacts:

What if I do not receive any cashback, discount, or bonus from LinkAja and MyTelkomsel even though I have followed all of the terms and conditions?

You can also file your complaint to one of these contacts:

  • LinkAja Call Center at 150911.
  • Telkomsel Call Center at 188.

More questions about LinkAja?

Send your question to LinkAja Facebook official account.


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