Prepaid Active Period

Prepaid active period adjustment

Prepaid active period adjustment

Dear Telkomsel customers,

Starting from March 7, 2022, Telkomsel will implement an adjustment in the active period policy for customer numbers to be as follows:

  1. Customer's active period will be adjusted to a maximum of 365 days.
  2. If the SIM card is not connected to the Telkomsel network for 90 consecutive days, then the SIM Card will enter a grace period. Please top up your credit balance or buy a package so that the SIM card can be reactivated.
  3. Active period due to credit balance top-up or buying packages does not apply accumulation.
  4. The Telkomsel PraBayar (prepaid) SIM Card cycle policy may change from time to time as determined by Telkomsel. Information on these changes will be provided on Telkomsel's official communication media.

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