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What is DigiPOS Aja! service?

DigiPOS Aja! is an application used by outlets and individuals for selling Telkomsel products.

Who can access DigiPOS Aja! app?

All Telkomsel customers who use Android mobile platform can access this app.

How do I get DigiPOS Aja! app?

You can simply download and install the app from Play Store or click here, and then register as an outlet/reseller.

How do I access DigiPOS Aja! app?

After your outlet/reseller application has been approved, you will receive a notification SMS from 1818 containing your user information and password to access the DigiPOS Aja! app. Don't forget to change your password immediately.

What are the functions of DigiPOS Aja! app?

  • It functions as a sales tool for starter packs and vouchers, both physical and electronic.
  • To buy data, voice, SMS, digital, roaming, songs, and other packages.
  • For sales and stock management.
  • To migrate to 4G SIM card.

What is the minimum requirement for Android mobile specification?

To access the DigiPOS Aja! App, these minimum specifications are required:

Network Support 2G, 3G, HSPA
Internal Memory Min. 1GB or Higher
External Memory/Card Slot Micro SD, 2GB or higher
Camera 2MP, auto-focus or higher
Operating System Android v4.4 or higher (recommended)

What are the general requirements for DigiPOS Aja! users?

  • You must have a Telkomsel number that is registered as a reseller.
  • You must have an MKIOS number if you have registered before.

What is a Notification Number?

Notification Number is the number used by outlets for transactions and receiving transaction notifications. The notification number is identical to the outlet user, whether as the outlet owner or a front-liner.

What is an OTP?

OTP (One Time Password) is a code sent via SMS from 1818 to the Notification Number in real time and is used to log in to DigiPOS Aja! app.

How do I get an OTP Code?

Please enter your username & password when you log in to DigiPOS Aja!, and then a code will be sent automatically to the registered Notification Number.

What are the provisions of the Notification Number?

  • Must be a Telkomsel Number.
  • One Notification Number can only be registered at 1 outlet, but 1 outlet may have more than 1 Notification Numbers.
  • The Notification Number can be in the form of outlet owner number, reseller number, or the front-liner number.
  • It's at the outlet (due to DigiPOS transaction operations and others).

What if the Notification Number is not a Telkomsel number?

Sorry, if you use non-Telkomsel number, you cannot use the DigiPOS Aja! app.

How to determine the Notification Number if the owner has more than 1 outlets?

The owner can be registered at one outlet, and then the other outlets can use the reseller number, family number, trusted front-liner’s number or other numbers that belong to the owner—by still following the rule that 1 Notification Number cannot be registered at more than 1 outlets.

What if 1 reseller number is registered at 2 outlets?

The rule is 1 reseller number for 1 outlet. If there are 2 outlets, then one of them must be disabled to avoid errors. If indeed the outlet owner has 2 outlet branches, then the outlet owner must have 2 reseller numbers.

What if I registered the reseller in 1 outlet while the reseller has already been registered in another outlet?

Then you cannot register the reseller, because it is already registered at another reseller.

How is the mechanism of complain handling?

There are 3 ways:

  • Outlets can make their own complaint tickets through the Help Desk menu on the DigiPOS Aja! app.
  • Outlets can contact Call Center 357.
  • Outlets can submit their complaints through Salesforce.

What information should be included with a DigiPOS complaint?

Please include detailed information when submitting Complain Handling tickets, such as:

  • Outlet ID, reseller number, username, address.
  • Inform the date, time, type of transaction, nominal, a chronology of events, and transaction ID (look at the transaction history and click the “Copy” button).
  • Attach evidence, either a screenshot on the transaction history page or a screenshot if you receive a transaction notification via SMS.

What if the transaction failed and the credit balance is deducted?

  • Please check the transaction history and immediately refresh it to see the status.
  • If it hasn't changed, then take a screenshot of the balance deduction on the transaction history page.
  • Copy the transaction ID, outlet data, or reseller number.
  • Make a complaint ticket on the Help Desk menu.

What if the mobile phone is lost with the DigiPOS number in it?

Please immediately change the card to the nearest GraPARI by bringing the original owner's identity (e-KTP) and also mention:

  • Three frequently dialed (or last call) numbers.
  • Last date of top-up (or amount).
  • Last transaction.

In these Terms and Conditions, unless the sentence concerned in these Terms and Conditions expressly determines otherwise, each term as follows has the meaning given to the term concerned as follows:

  • “Sales Application” is a mobile-based application that can be used by the User to support the sales and distribution of Telkomsel Products or other functions that Telkomsel may develop from time to time.
  • “Personal Data” is User and/or Customer's identity data recorded on the User Application Form, National Identity Card and Family Card, and any other data or information (whether written, oral, digital or in any form) that is true and tangible. attached and identifiable, either directly or indirectly, to each User and/or Customer.
  • “User Application Form” is a form containing User data related to the collaboration in using this Sales Application.
  • “Strategic Business Partners” are parties that have collaborated with Telkomsel to carry out (i) sales and distribution of Telkomsel Products; (ii) guidance and supervision in carrying out sales and distribution activities of Telkomsel Products; and (iii) Customer Registration in the operational area of its work.
  • “Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network Number” or “MSISDN” is an identification number for Customers subscribing to mobile telephone services.
  • “Outlets / Resellers” are parties that are registered and under the responsibility of Strategic Business Partner, as the final distribution point and who sell Telkomsel Products to Customers.
  • “Customers” are users of cellular telecommunications services and services operated by Telkomsel.
  • “User” is a Sales Application user, be it a Strategic Business Partner and / or Outlet / Reseller.
  • “Telkomsel Products” are cellular telecommunication services owned by Telkomsel and other products that will be developed from time to time by Telkomsel.
  • “Customer Registration” or “Registration” is the recording of identity of telecommunication service subscribers through a mechanism established by Telkomsel and / or based on the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information No. 12 of 2016 concerning Telecommunication Service Customer Registration and the following all amendments and including other related laws and regulations that apply from time to time.
  • "Terms and Conditions" are these terms and conditions and all the amendments thereof which have been expressly stated as an inseparable unit.
  • “Telkomsel” is a cellular telecommunication service provider and its derivative services which provide services throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia


  • Telkomsel hereby provides a Sales Application (with the conditions as they are) based on the Terms and Conditions as the User agrees to use the Sales Application in providing sales support and distribution data for Telkomsel Products or other functions that can be developed from time to time through the Sales Application in accordance with the mechanism and procedures set by Telkomsel.
  • Use of the Sales Application by the User as referred to in paragraph (1) of this Article also includes the following activities:
    1. Selling Telkomsel products at business premises or outlet/reseller outlets;
    2. Data collection of Telkomsel products;
    3. Purchasing Telkomsel Products;
    4. Report on receipt of Telkomsel Products;
    5. Telkomsel Product Ordering; and
    6. Customer Registration;
  • For certain considerations based on Telkomsel's own policy from time to time and with notification to the User, Telkomsel has the right to terminate or terminating User access to the use of the Sales Application in the event that the User within 30 (thirty) calendar days does not carry out sales transaction activities and / or purchasing Telkomsel Products. For the purpose of termination/termination, the User hereby releases and protects Telkomsel completely from and against all claims, lawsuits, demands, objections, rebuttals, or any action brought or taken against Telkomsel, by the User or anyone, for, because of or as a result. from terminating/terminating the use of the Sales Application by Telkomsel for Users.


  • Any questions and complaints from the User regarding the Sales Application can be submitted to the Telkomsel contact center as follows:
    1. Telkomsel service office (GraPARI); and
    2. Via Telkomsel call center with access number 357.
  • The settlement of User questions and complaints will be carried out by Telkomsel in accordance with the provisions set by Telkomel from time to time.


  • In addition to being subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at https://www.telkomsel.com/terms-and-conditions, the User hereby declares that he will comply with and comply with all the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  • In addition to being subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at https://www.telkomsel.com/terms-and-conditions, the User hereby declares that he will comply with and comply with all the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  • User hereby gives Telkomsel permission to collect, analyze, and compile User data including other third parties who have collaborated with Telkomsel with the aim of developing the Sales Application. In the event that Telkomsel cooperates with other third parties regarding such data processing, Telkomsel will continue to guarantee the confidentiality of User data.
  • User hereby declares to Telkomsel to store User data including User and / or Customer Personal Data for the needs of developing Sales Applications and Telkomsel Products from time to time;
  • The user hereby declares his willingness to receive from Telkomsel and third parties who cooperate with Telkomsel for all forms of direct marketing, advertisements, and promotional communications via push-notifications, messages through Sales Applications, or other forms of marketing media ("Marketing Media"). Users understand that the Marketing Media delivered by Telkomsel is solely for the purpose of maximizing the distribution and sale of Telkomsel Products.
  • The User hereby guarantees to release and protect Telkomsel completely from and against all claims, lawsuits, demands, objections, objections, or any action brought or taken against Telkomsel, by Users or anyone, for, because, or as a result of performance and the use of the Sales Application by the User and in connection with the services provided by the User and therefore the User is responsible for all claims, lawsuits, demands, objections, objections that arise as a result of User errors and negligence regarding the use of the Sales Application based on these Terms and Conditions.
  • The user hereby declares and guarantees that the documents and all information submitted are correct and the party who agrees / signs these Terms and Conditions is legitimate and authorized to act for and on behalf of the User and therefore the User is fully responsible for the validity of the data and legal consequences that arise. , and then the User will protect and release Telkomsel if in the future there are demands and lawsuits from any party regarding the approval/signing of these Terms and Conditions.


  • Users are prohibited from storing, duplicating, misusing, disseminating, processing, exploiting, manipulating any data contained in the Sales Application including but not limited to sales data of Telkomsel products, User Personal Data, Customer Personal Data or potential Customers, in any form.
  • User hereby agrees and agrees that all information and information both written and unwritten as well as other information obtained by using the Sales Application based on these Terms and Conditions is confidential (hereinafter referred to as "Confidential Information") and therefore Users are prohibited from disclosing or disclosing Confidential Information to any third party or unauthorized entity/person for any reason and method without prior written approval from Telkomsel. This confidentiality provision will remain in effect even though the User has not used the Sales Application.
  • In the event of a breach of confidentiality as referred to in paragraph (2) of this Article, the User hereby provides an irrevocable statement that Telkomsel is entitled to the following actions:
    1. Receive compensation, both for direct and indirect losses and / or costs suffered by Telkomsel, including lawyers fees if necessary; and / or
    2. Unilaterally terminate access to the use of the Sales Application by the User without any claim from the User.


  • This agreement is governed by, subject to, and construed under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • In the event of a dispute between Telkomsel and the User regarding the implementation of these Terms and Conditions, Telkomsel and the User, in good faith, agree to resolve it first by deliberation to reach a consensus.
  • If no consensus is reached within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the commencement of dispute resolution as referred to in paragraph (2) of this Article, then the Parties agree to settle the dispute in accordance with applicable law.



Users are prohibited from carrying out actions including but not limited to the following actions:

  • Copying, modifying, and falsifying Telkomsel Products;
  • Conducting promotional activities for Telkomsel Products by mentioning sentences that connote that the Customer does not need to pay or promise things that have not been or have not been determined in advance by Telkomsel;
  • Conducting Customer Registration outside the mechanisms and procedures determined from time to time by Telkomsel;
  • Conducting Customer Registration by using Personal Data belonging to other people without rights and / or using User Personal Data;
  • Selling Telkomsel Products that are already active (Telkomsel products can be used immediately without requiring a registration process);
  • Intentionally or unintentionally conducting Customer Registration by violating the provisions of the applicable laws; and
  • Transferring rights, processing, exploiting, and manipulating Sales Applications.


  • Telkomsel has various kinds of brands, logos, and applications that are all protected by applicable laws in Indonesia such as but not limited to the Copyright Law and Trademark Law. Users acknowledge and agree that the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) owned by Telkomsel that are used or displayed on the Service, or any IPR belonging to third parties contained in this Service, may not be copied, used, applied, and implemented in whole or in part, without written permission. previously from Telkomsel and / or other parties who have intellectual property rights in the Service. Telkomsel has the right to sue for illegal use of IPRs based on applicable laws.
  • All images, logos, videos, or other forms contained in the Service whose IPR is owned by a third party is a third party's assets.
  • The user guarantees that he does not violate the intellectual property rights uploaded by third parties in collaboration with Telkomsel. Telkomsel is not responsible for any violations committed by you of third party intellectual property rights used in the Service.


  • Violation of one of the provisions in Article 4, Article 5, and Article 7 of these Terms and Conditions will result in the Telkomsel Product Sales Application being unable to be used by the User.
  • It is fully understood by the User that any violation of these Terms and Conditions may cause material loss to Telkomsel. Therefore, Telkomsel has the right to impose sanctions on Users in the form of counseling and/or warning and/or blocking of access to Sales Applications and/or blacklists and/or termination of distribution of Telkomsel Products to Users. Furthermore, it is agreed that the imposition of sanctions as mentioned above does not reduce Telkomsel's right to take any legal remedies for violations of these Terms and Conditions which are evidently caused by User negligence, error, or intent.
  • In addition to the provisions in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this Article, Telkomsel has the right to deactivate the MSISDN number proven in Registration with an invalid or valid identity.


  • These terms and conditions can be changed and / or updated by Telkomel from time to time. Users are required to read carefully and check every update of these Terms and Conditions from time to time for any changes. By continuing to access and use the Sales Application, it is considered that you agree to the changes (if any) to these Terms and Conditions.

By clicking the "Agree" button indicates that the User has agreed to these Terms and Conditions. If the User does not agree with these Terms and Conditions, then please do not use the Sales Application.