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Subscribe to Halo⁺ to enjoy upgraded all-network internet, voice, and SMS access, roaming, premium digital lifestyle content, more Telkomsel Poin, and priority services.

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Halo⁺ package details

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No. Package Price All-Network Quota Voice Quota to All Operators SMS Quota to All Operators Roaming Quota
1 Halo⁺ 100K Rp100,000 13GB 80 minutes 80 SMS 150MB
2 Halo⁺ 120K Rp120,000 17GB 150 minutes 150 SMS 150MB
3 Halo⁺ 140K Rp140,000 20GB 200 minutes 200 SMS 150MB
4 Halo⁺ 150K Rp150,000 22GB 200 minutes 200 SMS 200MB
5 Halo⁺ 160K Rp160,000 26GB 200 minutes 200 SMS 200MB
6 Halo⁺ 180K Rp180,000 32GB 200 minutes 200 SMS 200MB
7 Halo⁺ 200K Rp200,000 40GB 200 minutes 200 SMS 200MB
8 Halo⁺ 250K Rp250,000 50GB 400 minutes 400 SMS 300MB
9 Halo⁺ 300K Rp300,000 65GB 500 minutes 500 SMS 400MB
10 Halo⁺ 550K Rp550,000 130GB 1.000 minutes 1.000 SMS 500MB

Halo⁺ benefit details

All-network access
All-network access
  • Enjoy internet access on all the best networks from Telkomsel.
  • Voice and SMS Quota to all domestic operators.
  • Roaming Quota in more than 100 countries.
Premium entertainment
Premium entertainment

Halo+ customer can enjoy free premium entertainment services with no additional charges and free-to-choose with the following details:

  • Halo+ < 80K: No ExtraBenefit
  • Halo+ Package ≥ 80K - 200K: Get 1 ExtraBenefit
  • Halo+ Package > 200K – 300K: Get 2 ExtraBenefit
  • Halo+ Package > 300K – 600K: Get 3 ExtraBenefit


  • ExtraBenefit can be redeemed to get premium subscriptions you can choose from these selections: Disney+ Hotstar, Prime Video Mobile, Vidio Platinum Mobile, Langit Musik Premium, WeTV, and additional Extra Quota.
  • Check the complete offers on this page.
Priority services
Priority services

Experience the best digital self-service on a well-designed and user-friendly website to suit your needs.

Welcome Poin
Welcome Poin

You can also get additional Telkomsel Poin after activating Halo⁺ package with the following details:

  • Halo⁺ package 100K – 199K: 100 Poin
  • Halo⁺ package 200K – 299K: 200 Poin
  • Halo⁺ package 300K – 399K: 300 Poin
  • Halo⁺ package 400K – 499K: 400 Poin
  • Halo⁺ package ≥ 500K: 500 Poin

How to subscribe to Halo⁺

Switch from existing Halo package
Switch from existing Halo package

For existing Halo subscribers, you can switch to Halo⁺ through:

Subscribe via website
Subscribe via website
  • Access Telkomsel Halo new subscription page here to register and get a new number online.
  • Switch from Telkomsel PraBayar (prepaid) to Halo via this page.
Subscribe via GraPARI
Subscribe via GraPARI
  • New Halo customers and customers who switch from prepaid can choose a new package starting from Rp100,000 or upgrade to a higher package.
  • For existing Halo customers, you can switch to Halo⁺ starting from Rp80,000.

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