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Whether you’re looking for daily, weekly or monthly top-up options, Loop lets you choose from a huge range of great value voice, SMS and internet packages.

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How can I purchase the above packages?

You can purchase directly from MyTelkomsel or via the UMB menu by dialling *999*99#.

Do the above packages work with all Loop Starter Packs?

Yes, the above packages are compatible with all Loop Starter Packs.

Can I buy the above packages with KARTU As or simPATI?

The above packages are for Loop customers only. KARTU As and simPATI have their own SMS, talk and data packages that can be found on their respective pages.


Will my unused voice, SMS or data roll over if the package has expired?

No, you are only eligible to use the voice, SMS or data inclusions during the designated validity period for each package.

Does the tariff for Loop include taxes?

Yes, the tariff for Loop includes 10% (VAT).

Terms & Conditions

You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.