Get Bonus Quota Up to 22GB with Indi Package

Get special offers for IndiHome customers who subscribe to new kartuHalo or purchase new simPATI card!

paket indi

How to Activate

For Pre-paid Customers


For pre-paid customers, you can activate this package using new simPATI SIM card with special sticker through MyTelkomsel app or UMB *363*78#.

For Post-paid Customers

You can activate this package by visiting GraPARI, Mogi (Mobile GraPARI), Plasa Telkom, or Mobi (Mobile IndiHome).

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  • Terms & conditions

What is Paket Indi?

Paket Indi is a special package for existing or new customers of IndiHome, where you can get special offers when you subscribe to kartuHalo or purchase new simPATI.

What is all-network quota?

All-network quota is the quota you can use in all Telkomsel networks (2G/3G/4G) in all cities across Indonesia.

What is 4G quota?

4G quota is the quota you can only use in Telkomsel 4G network in all cities across Indonesia.

What is multimedia or content quota?

Multimedia or content quota is the quota you can use to access certain applications or websites.
For simPATI: HOOQ, VIU, SuperSoccer, Instagram, Facebook, LINE, BBM, and WhatsApp.
For kartuHalo: HOOQ, VIU, UseeTVGO, and MusicMax.

What kind of special offers do I get from Paket Indi?

For pre-paid customers, please check the following details:

Detail simPATI Information
Price Rp50.000  
  - Phone Call 50 Minutes on-net  
  - Data 5GB (all networks)  
  - Multimedia 5GB MAXstream: HOOQ, VIU, SuperSoccer
Media Sosial: Instagram dan FB
Chat: Line, BBM, WhatsApp
  - POIN 50 POIN  
Validity Period 12 Months Can be activated 12 times(1 time in 1 month)


For pre-paid customers, please check the following details:

Details HaloKick! Double Kuota Information
Price Rp120.000  
  - Phone Call 100 Minutes on-net  
  - SMS 200 on-net  
  - Data 2GB (all networks)  
  - Extra Data 2GB (all networks)  
  - 4G 8GB  
  - Content 10GB MAXstream: HOOQ, VIU, UseeTVGO
  - POIN 300 POIN Per 6 bulan
Validity Period 12 Months  

Can I purchase another package after I purchased Paket Indi?

Yes, you can activate another Telkomsel package after you activated Paket Indi according to our terms and conditions.

Will my package be renewed automatically?

Yes, your package will be automatically renewed as long as you have enough credit balance (for simPATI users) or as long as your bill hasn’t exceeded the limit (for kartuHalo users).

Terms and Conditions for Pre-paid Customers:

  1. Activate through MyTelkomsel app or UMB *363*78#.
  2. Can only be activated using a new SIM card with a special sticker.
  3. Every number can activate this package for 12 times (1 time in 1 month).
  4. The package will be automatically renewed if the process fails you can reactivate it through MyTelkomsel app or UMB *363*78#.
  5. This package cannot be accumulated (for the phone call, data, and multimedia). If you run out of credit balance before the renewal period, then you can activate regular package.
  6. This package is volume-based, if you run out quota before renewal, you will be charged Rp5/KB.
  7. The quota you get is applicable for one month.
  8. All network quota can be used in all cities across Indonesia in 2G/3G/4G networks.
  9. Multimedia quota can be used to access MAXstream (HOOQ, VIU, and SuperSoccer), social media (Instagram and Facebook) and chat (Line, BBM, and WhastApp).

Syarat & Ketentuan untuk Kartu Pascabayar

  1. HaloKick! Dobel Kuota Internet – IndiHome joint promo is only available for new customer by activating in GraPari, Mobi (Mobile Indihome), Mogi (Mobile GraPARI), or Plasa Telkom.
  2. HaloKick! Dobel Kuota package is only available for 12 months. After 12 months, the package will be switched to regular HaloKick! with details as follow:



    HaloKick! Dobel Kuota Package Transformation
    1st to 12th month 13th month and more
    HaloKick! Dobel Kuota 120K HaloKick! 100K



  3. Content quota of HaloKick! Dobel Kuota Internet in this package can be used to access USeeTV Go.
  4. If you switch from HaloKick! Dobel Kuota 100K to another package, your new content quota cannot be used to access USeeTV Go.
  5. If you switch package to HaloKick! Dobel Kuota, the amount of quota will depend on the package you activated previously, and the validity period will continue from the remaining months from your first activation.
  6. The price stated hasn’t included 10% tax, pro-rate.
  7. Telkomsel POIN will be given to customers who migrate from pre-paid to kartuHalo, and kartuHalo customers who upgrade their HaloKick! Dobel Kuota Internet package.
  8. Promo TCash is not available for HaloKick! Dobel Kuota Internet-IndiHome package.
  9. 4G post-paid quota and content are only available during the promo. The validity period of the promo could be changed at any time.
  10. The internet quota is divided to 3 (all access quota, 4G quota, and entertainment content quota).
  11. 4G post-paid quota can only be used with 4G device on 4G networks.
  12. Content quota is only available to access HOOQ, VIU, JOOX, GUVERA, Radio Prambors, Radio Gen FM, Smule, and USeeTV Go.
  13. Subsription content is only available for HOOQ, VIU, and Langit Musik Premium.
  14. HOOQ, VIU, and Langit Musik subsription content will be active one day after you activated your package.
  15. HOOQ content is available for 7 days. To extend the validity until March 31st, 2018, please access HOOQ app.
  16. VIU subscription promo ends on May 31st, 2018. After that, VIU subsription content will be deactivated.
  17. Langit Musik content will be active for as long as your Halo Kick! Dobel Kuota Internet is active.
  18. Add-On Daily, Weekly, and Monthly package usage wil be prioritized than Halo Kick! Dobel Kuota free package.
  19. POIN addition will only be given during the promo period. The 4G post-paid promo period can be extended or changed at any time.
  20. Telkomsel POIN addition will be given one time every month in 6 months.
    E.g.: You will get akan 300 Telkomsel POIN in total, 50 POIN every month for 6 months.
  21. The package is available without contract or subscription commitment.
  22. Any usage outside your data plan will be charged according to the normal kartuHalo tariff based on your tariff zone.