Easy file access and backup with CloudMAX

Get easy access to your photos, videos, or other documents everywhere at any time and enjoy up to 100GB of storage on CloudMAX.

CloudMAX package details

You can subscribe to CloudMAX Regular package or CloudMAX Internet package with the following details.

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Package Type Internet Quota Storage Validity Price
CloudMAX Regular package - 10GB 30 days Rp5,500
- 50GB 30 days Rp16,500
- 100GB 30 days Rp22,000
CloudMAX Internet package 6GB (1GB 4G Quota + 5GB CloudMAX Quota)  10GB 30 days Rp25,000
15GB (12GB 4G Quota + 2GB OmG! Quota + 1GB CloudMAX Quota) 10GB 30 days Rp109,000

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How to use CloudMAX
How to use CloudMAX
  1. Install CloudMAX app (via Google Play or App Store) or open the CloudMAX website. Log in using your Telkomsel mobile number.
  2. Input the OTP you receive via SMS.
  3. Once you’re logged in, start uploading photos, videos or any other files.
  4. Start enjoying these features on CloudMAX:
    • Automatic and manual upload of photos, videos and other files.
    • Backup and restore device contacts.
    • Automatically detect and clean unused file in device.
    • Transfer files that are stored on CloudMAX to Google Drive and/or Dropbox without internet quota.
How to subscribe to CloudMAX package
How to subscribe to CloudMAX package
  1. Open CloudMAX app.
  2. Choose “More” menu.
  3. Choose “Subscription” menu.
  4. Choose a regular package you prefer.
  5. Input the verification code you receive via SMS from Telkomsel.
  6. Click the confirmation button.
  7. Regular package subscription will be active if you have enough credit balance.

How to use CloudMAX Transfer

Watch the easy steps to transfer and save your data from CloudMAX



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Enjoy CloudMAX services for Android and iOS users.

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