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Send your voice message without internet

Make new friends, send voice messages, and listen to fun voice messages from your friends. Activate now and win the prize!

About Sweetcall

How to activate Sweetcall
How to activate Sweetcall
  • Access UMB *500*01# or send an SMS to 99600 using this format: REG CALL.
  • After a successful activation, you can start finding friends and sending messages via UMB *500*02#.
Sending & hearing messages
Sending & hearing messages
  • Access UMB *500*02#.
  • Choose menu “1. Kontak” or “3. Cari teman”.
  • Choose one of the contacts or friends.
  • Choose menu “1. Kirim pesan suara”.
  • Access *8000* to listen to the voice message.
  • Follow the voice instructions.
Sweetcall service rates
Sweetcall service rates
  • Sweetcall subscription: Rp1,000/day for 180 days (tax not included).
  • Sending and listening to voice messages: Rp0/message, you can send a voice message with up to 2-minute duration.

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