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Calling is more exciting using MViCall!

Subscribe to MViCall now and amaze your friends by setting a video ringtone when you call them. Join the MViCall REWARD PARTY to win exciting prizes!

Be creative with MViCall

About MViCall
About MViCall

MViCall is a new app that changes your friend's ringtone to a video when you call them.

How to subscribe
How to subscribe

Subscribe via SMS to 94449

  • Type: REG MVC1 for 1 SMS/1 day, for 360 days at Rp1,110 (including VAT).
  • Type: REG MVC2 for 1 SMS/2 days, for 360 days at Rp2,220 (including VAT).
  • Type: REG MVC3 for 1 SMS/3 days, for 360 days at Rp3,330 (including VAT).
  • Type: REG MVC5 for 1 SMS/7 days, for 360 days at Rp5,550 (including VAT).
  • To unsubscribe, type: UNREG MVC1 / UNREG MVC2 / UNREG MVC3 / UNREG MVC5 (Rp0).

 Subscribe via UMB

  • Access UMB*500*969# à Reply “1. Ya” for a subscription of 1 SMS/2 days, for 360 days at a Rp2,220 (including VAT).
  • To unsubscribe, access UMB *500*969# à Select “4. STOP” (Rp0).

Subscribe via MyTelkomsel App

  • Open the MyTelkomsel application and select the “Browse” menu.
  • Click the “MViCall” banner.
  • You will be directed to the Telkomsel landing page and then receive an OTP.
  • Enter the OTP code on the Telkomsel landing page.
Service tariff
Service tariff

Subscribe (push)

  • Rp1,110 for 1 SMS/1 day, for 360 days (including VAT).
  • Rp2,220 for 1 SMS/2 days, for 360 days (including VAT).
  • Rp3,330 for 1 SMS/3 days, for 360 days (including VAT).
  • Rp5,550 for 1 SMS/7 days, for 360 days (including VAT).

Not Subscribing (pull)

  • MVIC1: Rp2,200 per content download (including VAT).
  • MVIC2: Rp3,300 per content download (including VAT).

Celebrate the MViCall REWARD PARTY!


PESTA REWARD is a loyalty scheme offering rewards to MViCall users who sign up and are registered with the service. Accumulate scores by:

  • Subscribing successfully: Earn 10 scores.
  • Daily push (renewal) deductions: Earn 10 scores.
  • Purchasing premium content: Earn 10 scores.
  • Sharing MViCall and installing it successfully via friends: Earn 10 scores.
Grab the prize!

The MViCall REWARD PARTY offers a variety of prizes up for grabs!

  • Cash
  • Precious metal
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5
  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 256GB
  • Alva One electric motorbike
  • Yamaha Grand Filano

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