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Enjoy FREE Content & Win Lucky Draw Prize!

Redeem 1 Telkomsel POIN on MyTelkomsel App to get free content for 7 days and participate in Undi-Undi Hepi lucky draw program to win Samsung A02S every week.

Program Information

  • You can enjoy free content with Telkomsel POIN and join Undi-Undi Hepi lucky draw from February 24th to December 22nd, 2021.
  • The lucky draw will take place every week to determine the Samsung A02S weekly winner.
  • All Telkomsel customers (kartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU AS, and Loop) who have Telkomsel POIN can join this program.

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Rey Mbayang


Kiesha Alvaro


Verrel Bramasta


Dr. Tompi


Gritte Agatha


Dimas Beck


dr. Reisa


Maya Septha




Marshel Widianto


Cita Citata


Superchatbola Bambang Pamungkas


Mak Beti


Tyna Kanna Mirdad


Mice Kartun


Tasya Kamila


Ibnu Jamil


Syifa Hadju


Love Story The Series


Endy Arfian




Enzy Storia


Fitri Carlina


Tya Ariestya


Elina Joerg


Citra Kirana




Sinetron Buku Harian Seorang Istri


Fiki Naki


Sarah Viloid


Religi Hindu


Ust. Wijayanto

SMS Content Tariff

Price Validity Period
Rp2,200/SMS/2 days 90 days
Rp2,200/SMS/2 days 120 days
Rp2,200/SMS/2 days 180 days
Rp1,100/SMS/2 days 120 days

*Price does not include tax for kartuHalo customers.
  • SMS Content FAQ

  • Content POIN FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is SMS Content service?

It is a service where you can receive contents such as photo, video, and other information from your favorite artist, motivator, entrepreneur, and many other inspiring figures.

What contents from which famous figures can I access?

You can check and find many inspiring figures via UMB *500#, and then choose “Promo” or “Hiburan Seru” menu.

How do I activate SMS Content service?

You can activate this service via UMB *500# or through direct code of each public figure.

How much is the SMS Content tariff?

SMS Content tariff may vary, please check the list below:

  • Rp2,200/SMS/2 days for 90 days.
  • Rp2,200/SMS/2 days for 120 days.
  • Rp2,200/SMS/2 days for 180 days.
  • Rp1,100/SMS/2 days for 120 days.

Where do I get further information about SMS Content program?

You can get further information about SMS Content via @hip500 Instagram account.

What is Telkomsel POIN free content program?

It is a Telkomsel POIN program where you can redeem 1 Telkomsel POIN and enjoy the following content for 7 days for FREE:

  1. Verrel Bramasta
  2. Salshabila
  3. Arafah
  4. Ryan Ogilvy
  5. Cak Lontong
  6. Dimas Beck
  7. Fitri Carlina
  8. Enzy Storia

You also have the opportunity to win a Samsung A02S in Undi-Undi Hepi lucky draw program.

Who can join this program?

All Telkomsel customers (kartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU AS, and Loop) who have Telkomsel POIN.

What prize can I get after redeeming Telkomsel POIN and enjoy free content?

By redeeming 1 Telkomsel POIN to enjoy the free content, you also take part in Undi-Undi Hepi program, where you can win a Samsung A02S.

How do I get Telkomsel POIN to get the free content?

You can gain Telkomsel POIN by making transactions on MyTelkomsel App. You can redeem your POIN through MyTelkomsel App too.

Will I receive an SMS notification when I successfully redeem Telkomsel POIN and receive a lucky draw coupon?

Yes, you will receive an SMS notification after redeeming Telkomsel POIN, while the lucky draw coupon notification can be checked through MyTelkomsel App.

What happens after the free content runs out on the 7th day?

On the 7th day, after the free content period has expired, you will be offered to extend the SMS Content at Rp2,200/SMS/2days for 120 days. If you agree, you must reply the SMS with the keyword given via SMS.

What will happen if I redeem Telkomsel POIN to activate the same content?

If you activate the same content more than once while the content is still active, your POIN will be deducted but it will not extend the service's validity period. The POIN will be refunded manually.

  1. SMS Content service is valid for all Telkomsel customers (kartuHalo, simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop). The price includes tax except for kartuHalo customers.
  2. This service is only valid for domestic use (not valid for International Roaming, which will be charged separately).
  3. The activation status will be notified via SMS. Before the subscription ends, you will be notified via SMS as well.
  4. The subscription tariff does not include internet quota. If you access photo or video link sent via SMS, your internet quota will be consumed.
  5. Telkomsel is entitled to restrict and block the service if there is any indication of content/service misuse, with or without additional tools or device, or other actions against the law and Telkomsel’s terms and conditions.
  6. Telkomsel is not responsible for any misconduct using Telkomsel product and service by other parties, or for the contents and packages sold that do not comply with the official Telkomsel service product specifications.
  7. Telkomsel is not responsible for any misconduct using Telkomsel product and service by other parties, or for the content, communication, and internet usage using Telkomsel’s telecommunication network.
  8. Basically, Telkomsel will provide the best network access service speed for customers, but there are several conditions that can cause customers not to get the service speed that is expected, such as network availability, topographic factors, population density, building wall thickness, type of telecommunication equipment used, time usage/usage of Telkomsel services, the number of Telkomsel service users, the proximity of the subscribers to the location of the nearest BTS/antenna and other factors.
  9. In carrying out its services, Telkomsel has the right at any time to renew services, close services, increase or reduce tariffs with considerations, such as:
    1. Determined by the competent authority.
    2. The service is no longer in accordance with the times and the latest technology.
    3. The service is no longer used and the service will be transferred to a similar service.
    4. Other considerations that Telkomsel deems appropriate.
  10. By updating a service, the customer agrees to release Telkomsel from all claims and legal responsibilities arising from the policy as intended.