Storing Files Gets Easier with Telkomsel CloudMAX | Telkomsel

Storing Files Gets Easier with Telkomsel CloudMAX

Storing Files Gets Easier with Telkomsel CloudMAX

Jakarta, February 14th 2018Telkomsel brings cloud-based storage service called CloudMAX. This service allows customers to back up and restore photos, videos and other types of documents quickly, securely, and can be accessed anytime and anywhere through mobile apps.

Internet provides customers oftenthe easiness to share media and documents through smartphones and other devices such as laptops and computers. One obstacle to cope with is the memory limitations in the device which make the sharing or accessing files less comfortable.

Telkomsel’s Vice President of Digital Lifestyle Crispin Tristram said, "In recent years, more and more Telkomsel customers are using cloud-based storage services. Telkomsel cloud service users grew by around 35% by 2017.”

"Our CloudMAX service presents as an answer for customers who need document storage in the cloud that is not limited by device memory. By using Telkomsel CloudMAX, customers can now freely store and access files anytime and anywhere, adds Crispin.

In addition to backup and restore features, CloudMAX service provides many other features that benefit the customer. The "Family Cloud" feature can be shared by several Telkomsel subscribers at once; the "Memory Cleaner" feature is capable of making extra space on the device's memory; the "Offline Mode" feature allows document access without an internet connection; the "Document Sharing" feature provides links to document sharing; while "Facial Recognition" feature simplifies searching and viewing face-based photos from photos in CloudMAX.

Telkomsel Hadirkan Layanan CloudMAX

To subscribe to this service, customers can directly download CloudMAX apps on smartphones from the Play Store or the App Store. The customer then only needs to register the service using Telkomsel's number and network. After registration, CloudMAX new customers will receive a free trial with 10 GB of memory capacity for the first 3 months.

Telkomsel CloudMAX service can be enjoyed by KartuHalo, simPATI, Kartu As, and LOOP customers. This service is available in an option of 50 GB package priced at IDR 16,500 or a 100 GB package for IDR 22,000 for 30 days of usage.

"With the CloudMAX service, we expect to meet the needs of customers so they may enjoy the quality of mobile digital lifestyle experience with a very affordable price," closed Crispin.