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All favorite Asian shows only on VIU!

Stream or download Indonesian, Indian, Japanese films, Korean dramas, other Asian TV shows, and VIU Originals with Indonesian and English subtitles, from your IndiHome TV screen now!

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VIU subscription cost on IndiHome
  1. For old customers who previously paid Rp30,000/30 days, they will still be charged a subscription fee of Rp30,000/30 days.
  2. New customers will be charged a subscription fee of Rp39,000/30 days.
Terms and conditions of subscription
  1. Download VIU on the IndiHome Apps Store via the menu on IndiHome TV and get unlimited access to various favorite Asian shows by subscribing to the VIU Premium package Rp39,000/month.
  2. VIU customers at IndiHome can access VIU on up to 5 devices in 1 account. If a customer wants to access VIU on the second STB, there will be no additional fees as long as they have subscribed to the first STB.
  3. The VIU application is currently available on the Hybrid Box (STB) ZTE 860H V2.1 (AOSP), STB ZTE B860H v5 (Android TV), STB ZTE B860 V1, and Fiberhome STB Fiberhome AOSP and STB Fiberhome HG860-FJ (ZTE platform).
  4. Prices do not include VAT.

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