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Speed on Demand

Speed on Demand benefits

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Speed on Demand Regular Package
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Upgrade Initial Package
10Mbps 20Mbps 30Mbps 40Mbps 50Mbps
10Mbps - - - - -
20Mbps Rp75,000/3 days Rp120,000/7 days   -   -   -   -
30Mbps Rp150,000/3 days Rp255,000/7 days Rp75,000/3 days Rp135,000/7 days   -   -   -
40Mbps Rp220,000/3 days Rp380,000/7 days Rp150,000/3 days Rp260,000/7 days Rp75,000/3 days Rp135,000/7 days - -
50Mbps Rp275,000/3 days Rp475,000/7 days Rp200,000/3 days Rp355,000/7 days Rp130,000/3 days Rp230,000/7 days Rp60,000/3 days Rp115,000/7 days -
100Mbps Rp340,000/3 days Rp595,000/7 days Rp270,000/3 days Rp470,000/7 days Rp210,000/3 days Rp410,000/7 days Rp145,000/3 days Rp290,000/7 days Rp120,000/3 days Rp245,000/7 days
Speed on Demand Gamer Package
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Upgrade Initial Package
10Mbps 20Mbps 30Mbps 40Mbps 50Mbps
10Mbps - - - - -
20Mbps Rp78,000/3 days Rp124,000/7 days   -   -   -   -
30Mbps Rp155,000/3 days Rp263,000/7 days Rp78,000/3 days Rp140,000/7 days   -   -   -
40Mbps Rp227,000/3 days Rp392,000/7 days Rp155,000/3 days Rp268,000/7 days Rp78,000/3 days Rp140,000/7 days - -
50Mbps Rp284,000/3 days Rp490,000/7 days Rp206,000/3 days Rp366,000/7 days Rp134,000/3 days Rp237,000/7 days Rp62,000/3 days Rp119,000/7 days -
100Mbps Rp351,000/3 days Rp613,000/7 days Rp279,000/3 days Rp485,000/7 days Rp217,000/3 days Rp423,000/7 days Rp150,000/3 days Rp299,000/7 days Rp124,000/3 days Rp253,000/7 days

Subscribe now, it’s easy!

Subscribe via IndiHome website
  1. Log in using your myIndiHome account by clicking Berlangganan (subscribe).
  2. Enter your email or mobile phone number registered on your myIndiHome account, click Login.
  3. Enter the OTP code you receive via SMS.
  4. Enter the password registered on your myIndiHome email account, click Login.
  5. On the Speed on Demand page, choose the validity period and internet speed you want.
  6. At the column on the right side, choose your IndiHome service number and check your total payment. And then, tick the Terms & Conditions confirmation checkbox, click Proses Pembayaran (proceed to payment).
  7. Choose the payment method.
Terms and conditions of subscription
  1. Customers must have an account on the myIndiHome application that has been registered with an IndiHome number.
  2. Your internet speed will automatically return to normal after the Speed on Demand service expires.
  3. Payment will be billed when registering for a subscription and applies according to the validity period on the chosen package option.
  4. IndiHome customers with a minimum speed of 10Mbps.
  5. Customers must fulfill administrative requirements (bills are not in arrears and are not isolated).
  6. Customers can purchase Speed on Demand packages a maximum of 3 (three) times a month.
  7. Prices do not include VAT.