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How to subscribe via IndiHome website
  1. Log in using your myIndiHome account by clicking Berlangganan (subscribe).
  2. Enter your email or mobile phone number registered on your myIndiHome account, click Login.
  3. Enter the OTP code you receive via SMS.
  4. Enter the password registered on your myIndiHome email account, click Login.
  5. On the Upgrade Speed page, choose the validity period and internet speed you want.
  6. At the column on the right side, choose your IndiHome service number and check your total payment. And then, tick the Terms & Conditions confirmation checkbox, click Lanjutkan (proceed).
  7. Enter the OTP code you receive via SMS.
  8. Upgrade Speed is active.
Terms and conditions of subscription
  1. Upgrade Speed is a service to permanently increase your internet speed as needed.
  2. The packages offered vary from 20Mbps to 100Mbps.
  3. For customers who want to increase the speed to 100Mbps, registration can only be done through the nearest Plasa Telkom.