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Over 30,000 Hours of Movies with HOOQ

Discover HOOQ, a video streaming service that lets you enjoy thousands of Hollywood, Bollywood and Indonesian movies. Buy Telkomsel packages and enjoy immediate access.

How to Set Up

Buy a package

You can purchase a Telkomsel MAXstream package at MyTelkomsel.

Download the content provider app

appstore  google play

Sign up and start watching

Use your mobile number to sign up. You’ll receive a One-Time Pin (OTP) by SMS. Use that to confirm your registration and start watching movies.

Enjoy HOOQ Content with These MAXstream Packages

Ekstra Kuota Video 3GB

Ekstra Kuota Video 3GB

  • 30 days

  • 25.000

Ekstra Kuota Video 7GB

Ekstra Kuota Video 7GB

  • 30 days

  • 55.000

  • FAQ

What is HOOQ?

HOOQ is an online video streaming service with over 30,000 hours of Hollywood, Bollywood and Indonesian movies.

How can I enable the MAXstream HOOQ streaming package?

  1. You can enable the MAXstream HOOQ movie streaming package via UMB (*363#) or MyTelkomsel
  2. You will get a notification SMS containing links to access the HOOQ service
  3. Clicks the link on the SMS notification, then:
    • If you’ve installed the HOOQ app, you can go directly to the app and start watching
    • If you’ve not yet installed the HOOQ app, you’ll have to do so from Google Play / App Store
  4. Once on the app, click Sign Up to register using your mobile number as user name
  5. You’ll receive an OTP via SMS and will need to enter this OTP in the box on the next page
    • If you don’t receive OTP or the OTP has expired, click "I did not receive my OTP"
    • If OTP input is successful, you will go to the Main page
  6. You may fill up your email (optional) on the next page
  7. You can start watching movies from HOOQ immediately

What is a regular quota?

They are quotas customers can use to access the Internet anywhere.

What is a 4G quota?

They are quotas that can only be used on Telkomsel’s 4G network.

What is a video streaming quota?

They are quotas that can only be used to watch videos.

How can I check my remaining Internet quota?

You can do so through MyTelkomsel app or UMB (*363# or *888#). You will also receive notifications from Telkomsel when your content quota is below 100MB and when the quota runs out.

In which cities can 4G features be used?

You can find the list of cities with 4G here.

If I have purchased an Internet package that includes MAXstream, do I need to pay a further subscription fee for HOOQ?

There is no further subscription fee for HOOQ. Your MAXstream package covers it.

How many times can I purchase a MAXstream package?

You can do so repeatedly without a limit on the number of purchases.

How much does it cost to subscribe to HOOQ?

Rp0 until March 31st 2018. After that, you will be charged a subscription fee of Rp45,000/30 days + inclusive with tax.

Can I activate a MAXstream package before my previous Internet package’s active period ends?

Yes. If you purchase a MAXstream package before your previous Internet package ends, both packages will be renewed again, 30 days after the second purchase.

Can the regular quota be used for WiFi tethering to watch on devices other than my smartphone?

Yes. Regular quota can be used for tethering.

Can I watch HOOQ movies using WiFi networks?

Yes. In addition to watching through Telkomsel’s Internet quota, you can also watch through WiFi networks.

How can I disable my MAXstream video streaming package before the active period ends?

You can do so via SMS by typing UNREG and sending to 3636.

If I disable my Internet package, will the HOOQ service also stop?

No. You will still be able to enjoy HOOQ until the period of your HOOQ subscription ends.

How can I quit the HOOQ service?

Open your HOOQ application and select the MyPlan menu option. Then press the ‘End my package’ button to stop the HOOQ service.