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GEBER Telkomsel POIN Sebanyak Mungkin dan Menangkan Hadiah Motor!

We Have the Prize Winner!

Congratulations to the Kawasaki W175SE prize winner. Thank you for all of your participation and please look forward to other interesting programs. Next time might be your turn to win the prize!

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What is GEBER Telkomsel POIN program?

GEBER Telkomsel POIN is a racing POIN program where you can redeem as many Telkomsel POIN as possible to get direct prizes without being drawn and without any registration.

Who can join GEBER Telkomsel POIN program?

All Telkomsel customers at Sumatra region can join GEBER Telkomsel POIN.

When is the program period of GEBER Telkomsel POIN?

This program is valid from October 1st December 31st, 2018.

What prize is available for GEBER Telkomsel POIN winner?

The prize from this program is 1 Unit Kawasaki W175 SE.

When will GEBER Telkomsel POIN winner be announced?

The winner will be announced in no longer than the second week of January 2019.

Where do I get further information about GEBER Telkomsel POIN?

You can get more information through:

  • GraPARI Customer Service and GraPARI Mitra across Sumatra area.
  • Website
  • Social media.
  • Call Center 188.
  • LINE @telkomsel_

What is the mechanism of GEBER Telkomsel POIN prize collection?

  1. The winner will be contacted by Telkomsel.
  2. The first prize winner will be invited to the nearest GraPARI by bringing along the winning Telkomsel number and a copy of valid identity card.
  3. If the winner cannot make it, the winner have to make a Power of Attorney letter, a Rp6,000 stamp, and copies of both endorser and endorsee’s identity card.
  4. All files that have passed the verification will be sent to Telkomsel Area (via email).
  5. The prize will be sent right a way to the winner’s address or the nearest GraPARI to be picked up (without any tax or any additional cost).
  6. If the winner failed to confirm to GraPARI until 1 month, the prize will be given to the next ranked winner.
  1. Not available for kartuHalo Corporate Executive & Non Human.
  2. During the winner announcement, the winne’s number must be active.
  3. GEBER Telkomsel POIN program is not available for Telkomsel employees and their famil