What is CloudMAX?

CloudMAX is a personal cloud service that allows users to store and backup files and access them anytime via cloud from any device through apps, browsers or web.


How to subscribe



Install CloudMAX app on your smartphone.



Register with Telkomsel network connection.


Free Trial

As a new customer, You will get Free Trial for 3 Months with free 10GB storage.



After 3 months, You need to subscribe to access and use the services of CloudMAX.


Web Access

The user can access CloudMAX through web cloudmax.telkomsel.com and also download PC client

Choose your package!


Rp16.500/30 days 50GB storage


Rp22.000/30 days 100GB storage

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What is CloudMAX?

CloudMAX is a personal cloud service that allows users to store and backup files and access them anytime via cloud from any device through apps, browsers or web.

How to use CloudMAX?
  1. Download and install CloudMAX via Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open CloudMAX apps and input your Telkomsel number alongside verification code (OTP) received via SMS.
  3. Input your password for CloudMAX account.
  4. You will automatically get trial package of 10GB for three months.
Is CloudMAX a paid service?

Every Telkomsel user who are new to the service will get a trial package of 10GB storage for three months for one time only. After that, the user can subscribe to premium package of 50GB storage/30 days (Rp16,500) or 100GB storage/30 days (Rp22,000).

How to subscribe to premium package?
  1. Go to Subscribtion page in settings menu.
  2. Choose the premium package of 50GB or 100 GB.
  3. USSD will appear and user will reply by typing “1” for confirmation.
  4. Subscription to premium package will be active if user has enough phone credit balance.
Will the subscribtion of CloudMAX be automatically renewed every month?

Yes, the subscription will be renewed automatically every month for 180 days since the subscription started. After 180 days, you can subscribe to premium package again by manual.

Can I use a device without Telkomsel number to use CloudMAX?

No, you can't. You need to have Telkomsel number to sign-up to this service. You also need to have Telkomsel data package to subscribe the premium package.

What happen if I forget my account’s password?

You can click “Forget Password” when sign-in. Then, you will get verification code (OTP) to be filled in the apps. After that, you can change your account’s password.

Will my files be kept if I unsubscribe from CloudMAX?

Your data will be kept for 90 days after you unsubscribe CloudMAX. After three months, all data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

Do I need Telkomsel data package to upload or download files from or to CloudMAX app?

No, you can use Wi-Fi and don’t need Telkomsel data package for uploading or downloading files.

Can I upload or download files from CloudMAX via website?

Yes, you can upload or download files via website. You just need to Login by input the Telkomsel number that is used to create CloudMAX account and account’s password.

How to stop the CloudMAX subscription?

You can choose “Unsubscribe” from menu Settings à Subscription. Subscription service will stop right away if you agree to unsubscribe.

  1. All VAS services (Value Added Service) are available for Kartu Halo, Simpati, Kartu As, and Loop customers.
  2. This service can only be activated in Indonesia.
  3. The scheme and the period of active subscription follow each of the confirmed services at the start of the purchase.
  4. For more details regarding Tariffs and Subscription Periods, please contact Customer Service at 188.

For further information, you can visit tsel.me/CloudMAX

Download CloudMAX basic guideline for Android (here) or iOS (here)