22 Year of Telkomsel: Accelerating the Country | Telkomsel

22 Year of Telkomsel: Accelerating the Country

22 Year of Telkomsel: Accelerating the Country

Jakarta, 28 May 2017 On 26th May this year, Telkomsel is 22 years old. Carrying the theme of "Accelerating the Country", Telkomsel affirms its commitment in building Indonesia and invites all elements of the nation to jointly contribute in advancing the country through works of positive value and provide the best for the community.

President Director of Telkomsel Ririek Adriansyah said, "It is our pride to be one of the foremost leaders in the telecommunication industry in Indonesia and to serve more than 170 million mobile users in Indonesia. Therefore, we are grateful to the people of Indonesia who have for so long entrusted telecommunication services to Telkomsel. "

Since its establishment, Telkomsel's passion is to serve Indonesia, so that the benefit of mobile communication technology can be felt by different range of customers; from urban areas, to border villages.“ So far, Telkomsel has been able to maintain a positive growth rate thanks to consistency in maintaining the quality and diversity of service features that continue to adapt to market needs," Ririek added.

Measurement data released by J.P. Morgan recently showed that Telkomsel's 3G and 4G service download speeds are the best in Indonesia, with average speeds that are twice or three times better than other carriers. Similarly, Nielsen's Net Promoter Score (NPS) measurements show that Telkomsel's customer satisfaction rate based on real customer experience is the best in the telecommunication industry in Indonesia. The high level of customer trust made Telkomsel's achievement recognized by many parties to achieve various national and international awards, among them "Asia Pacific Mobile Service Provider of the Year" at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards held by Frost & Sullivan last year.

22 Tahun Telkomsel Konsisten Memajukan Negeri

For the past few years there has been a shift in the behavior of customers in communicating, where the use of data services increasingly in demand and continue to grow when compared with voice and SMS services. The increasing adoption of various services on the digital platform and increased penetration of smartphones boost consumption of data usage in the Telkomsel network, which in recent years has always increased by more than 100% annually.

Currently Telkomsel's digital business consists of broadband services and digital services including Digital Lifestyle (music, video, games, etc.), Digital Advertising, Digital Payment (mobile banking,T-Cash, T-Wallet) and Internet of Things (T-Drive, T-Bike, and others) account for about 40% of total revenue. The change in the composition of voice and SMS services to digital business is a positive thing that is expected in the future will be the engine of growth of the telecommunications industry.“

We are always striving to encourage the utilization of broadband networks in an optimal way so as to provide maximum benefits for customers. As an operator that is transforming into digital telecommunication company, Telkomsel continues to make various improvements to present the best digital lifestyle mobile experience to its customers," explained Ririek.

Currently Telkomsel is continuously working to develop digital ecosystem in Indonesia, in which there are various solutions that can increase productivity and encourage various economic, social, and cultural changes in society. To realize these goals, Telkomsel needs the support from all stakeholders in the telecommunications industry to jointly promote the country.

22 Tahun Telkomsel Konsisten Memajukan Negeri

"We hope that all parties in the telecommunications industry in Indonesia can maintain a healthy and sustainable industry climate and we encourage Indonesian youth to become the leading locomotive of digital developments in the country, especially the application developers and startups who have a very central role to create a breakthrough - a new breakthrough on the digital platform, "Ririek said.

Telkomsel also continues to commit to continue network deployment from Sabang to Merauke. In recent years Telkomsel has consistently built around 20,000-25,000 new base stations each year, especially in areas where telecommunication and user-intensive services are not yet available.

Currently Telkomsel has deployed more than 140,000 units of base transceiver stations (BTS) throughout Indonesia that reaches more than 95% of the Indonesian population. The broadest network deployment in the country enables all customers across the country and country borders to continue to communicate comfortably wherever they are.