VAS - Collect Call

No balance? No worries!

You can still make a call when you’re low on credit. All you need is a friend who agrees to pay for it!

Live the uninterrupted life

Collect Call

  • Request your friends to pay for your calls if your credit is low
  • Pay for incoming calls from your friends

How it works



Dial *809*destination number#


Recipient notification

Recipient hears an IVR announcement that your call will be charged to them if they agree.


Recipient agrees

Recipient presses 1 to receive your call.


Automatic offer

Other than your direct requests to use Collect Call, IVR announcements may prompt you to use the service.

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Transfer pulses to friends who are short of credit, and receive pulses when you need them.

  • FAQ

  • Terms & conditions

What is Collect Call?

It’s a service that allows you to make a call even when you don’t have sufficient credit. As long as the recipient agrees to pay for the call, your call will go through.

How can I request my friend to pay for my call?

There are two ways. You can dial *809*destination number# to request your friend to pay for the call. Alternatively, an IVR announcement may prompt you to use the service.

How can I pay for my friend’s call when they are low on credit?

When you friend makes a request to use Collect Call, you will hear an IVR announcement and can accept by pressing 1.

How can I pay for my friend’s call when they are low on credit?

Yes. All you need to do is to NOT press 1 when you receive a request. In that case, the call will not go through.

You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.