Telkomsel | 17 July 2017

CSR Education

With the advancement of technology and the rapid developments taking place across the world, the younger generation of today face numerous challenges adapting to our increasingly fast-paced world. At such an influential time in their lives, not all of today’s youth are equipped with formal education or have access to vocational education opportunities that help to prepare them for the challenges they will face.

In order to prepare Indonesia’s younger generation with the professional skills they need, Telkomsel aims to provide access to quality education opportunities. This commitment ensures that young Indonesians can be better equipped for the future and compete with increasing international competition.

An example of this is the Telkomsel IndonesiaNEXT initiative, a certification program that prepares students by teaching them professional skills that will help them compete on the global stage. As part of the program, students from different schools and tertiary institutions participate in seminars and creative sessions.

As part of the inspirational seminars, successful businessmen and women talk to the students to provide valuable insight and understanding into their industry, while the creative sessions focus on a field of specialization within the categories of film, hospitality and tourism, fashion, and information technology (IT).

The IndonesiaNEXT program also provides national and international certification training and examination to enable students to obtain a Certificate of Companion Certificate (SKPI). This can be used to apply for short courses in world-class digital companies that will further their practical learning opportunities.

With access to quality education and certification opportunities, IndonesiaNEXT aims to ensure Indonesia's increasingly competent and capable young generation will compete globally and succeed in the digital age.