TCASH, the Faster Way to Pay

With TCASH, your mobile phone becomes your payment gateway to everything. Available for both postpaid and prepaid Telkomsel customers.

No Credit Card? No Problem!

We’ve made it easy for you to shop online, pay bills and transfer money – even without a credit card. Simply download our T-Wallet app and start paying directly from your mobile phone.


All It Takes is a Tap

Pay with ease at hundreds of stores, cafes and restaurants nationwide.

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  • FAQ

What is TCASH TAP and how can I get it?

TAP is TCASH’s most modern, secure and convenient payment method. Pay physical merchants by simply tapping your phone (with NFC sticker embedded) to merchant’s EDC.

You can get a TCASH TAP sticker at your nearest GraPARI.

How can I activate TCASH?

If you’re a new user, specify your 6-digit PIN by pressing *800*88*6DigitPIN# on your phone. Remember this 6-digit PIN and use it to access TCASH, once again by pressing *800*88*6DigitPIN# on your phone.

What type of services offered by TCASH?

We offer several services such as:

  1. Merchant payment
  2. Top-up airtime
  3. Pay on mobile
  4. Purchase online, and
  5. Share money

Use the TCASH Wallet app for TCASH easy access and navigation!

What is the difference between TCASH Basic Service and TCASH Full Service?

TCASH Basic Service is an electronic money service which customers can directly activate and use by dialling *800*88#

TCASH Full Service is an electronic money service in which customer register at GraPARI or TCASH Agent by filling a form and submitting a copy of their official identity card and photo. kartuHalo customers can directly activate TCASH Full Service.

How can I upgrade TCASH from Basic Service to Full Service?

Basic Service customers can go to the nearest GraPARI store and upgrade by showing an official ID card with photo and valid KTP, SIM, passport or KITAS.

How do I view a list of merchants that work with TCASH?

You can find the list of merchants here.

How can I top up my TCASH Balance?

You can top-up your TCASH balance through bank transfer (M-banking & ATM) by selecting TCASH bank (Code 911) and using your Telkomsel number as the account number. You can also top-up in GraPARI and partner agents.

Does TCASH have an active period?

TCASH has no active period and expiry date. You can use your TCASH account as long as your Telkomsel number is active (not in grace / deactivation / burn period).

Do I need a bank account to become a TCASH customer?

No. As long as you have a Telkomsel number, you can simply register by dialling *800*88*6DigitPIN and specifying your 6-digit PIN, which you’ll use to access the service each time.

Are there any limitations on TCASH transactions and balance?

Maximum balance of TCASH basic service Rp 2,000,000
Maximum balance of TCASH full service Rp 10.000.000
Maximum transaction value / month Rp 20.000.000
Maximum transfer / day Rp 10.000.000
Maximum transfer / transaction Rp 10.000.000
Minimum transfer / transaction Rp10.000

Can I use TCASH Wallet on my rooted phone?

No. For security reasons, TCASH Wallet app cannot be accessed from rooted phones.