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CSR Digital Citizenship


With our massive broadband deployment across the country, Telkomsel is committed to encouraging positive and productive use of technology.

Internet BAIK is our cyber wellness education program focusing on responsible, safe, creative, and inspirational internet consumption. We conduct workshops and activities targeting the new generation of internet users (school children and adolescents) and parents and teachers who supervise their online activity. Through this program, we inspire everyone to implement the best practices of ethical and safe behavior in the digital world.

During 2016-2017, Internet BAIK succeeded in reaching out to communities in 27 cities and more than 84 schools across the country. More than 7,000 students, 8,000 parents, teachers, and 1,613 InternetBAIK ambassadors have participated in our seminars, workshops, training, and e-books for digital literacy.

We also pay full attention to the digital startup ecosystem in Indonesia through the NextDev program. Various innovations and digital applications are required to address multiple problems across strategic sectors.

Since 2015, NextDev has consistently unlocked and grown early-stage digital startups' potential. More than 5,000 digital startups are involved and have already leveraged their social impact with Telkomsel. We are optimistic that Indonesian startups will sustainably catalyze the digital ecosystem in Indonesia.