Telkomsel | 17 July 2017

CSR Digital Citizenship

As supporters of positive technology use, Telkomsel is committed to the development of the education system for young Indonesians to ensure they learn about humanity, culture, and social issues related to ethical practice and safe behavior in the digital world.

To help improve digital citizenship and encourage the positive and productive use of the internet inline with Telkomsel’s broadband deployment across the country, Telkomsel held the #InternetBAIK campaign in select areas of Indonesia.

#InternetBAIK is a socialization and cyber wellness education program that advises Indonesians about the responsible, safe, creative, and inspirational (BAIK) usage of the internet via a series of workshops. These workshops and activities are aimed at children and adolescents who are entry level Internet users, as well as parents and teachers who supervise the new generation of Internet users.

By equipping the community with the knowledge and information they need for proper Internet usage, Telkomsel seeks to build a positive and constructive digital ecosystem that can provide added value to support digital citizenship.

Telkomsel is also focused on the development of Indonesia’s digital ecosystem through programs like The NextDev. The program encourages creativity and productivity amongst the young Indonesian developer community through an app-making competition by start-ups with a focus on Smart City and Smart Urban apps. The developed digital apps are intended to present solutions to problems in urban and surrounding areas, which in turn can create a positive social impact on society.

The NextDev is a platform for young developers that provides opportunities and training to hone both their technical and soft skills. These can range from coding techniques to marketing and communication skills, as well as introducing participants to relevant stakeholders such as the Government, academics, media, private or public investors and the wider community.