Watching Soccer Matches Anytime Anywhere through VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV | Telkomsel

Watching Soccer Matches Anytime Anywhere through VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV

Watching Soccer Matches Anytime Anywhere through VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV

Watching Soccer Matches Anytime Anywhere through VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV

Welcoming the 2017/2018 soccer season, the VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV package is presented to provide access to the most complete soccer content of SuperSoccer TV for all customers. This special package is a service solution for soccer fans to enjoy a wide variety of soccer content including live streaming of the world's best league games live anytime and anywhere through the SuperSoccer TV app and the site.

To enjoy this high-definition quality video service, KartuHalosimPATIKartu As, and LOOP customers only need to activate the VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV package through the MyTelkomselapp or the *363*465# access menu. There is a wide selection of packages with data quota to watch 2 to 8 GB games at affordable prices ranging from IDR 20,000 to IDR 165,000 for one to 30 days.

Even if the customer still feels the quota is not enough to satisfy the interest of watching a soccer match, an extra quota of VideosMAX is available. These extra alternate packages provide additional data quota to watch soccer matches up to a maximum of 12 GB with prices starting from IDR 10,000 for maximum 30 days usage. Activation of the VideoMAX extra quota package is also done through the MyTelkomsel app or the access menu *363#.

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The VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV package features the most complete content of SuperSoccer TV, including live broadcasts of every Serie A and FA Cup Italian League matches, as well as English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, French League One, UEFA Champions League, and Europa League through BeIN Sports 1, 2, and 3 channels. In addition, there is also a complete collection of soccer programs in Indonesia that can be witnessed on-demand, complete with Indonesian language subtitle.

Of the 178 million Telkomsel subscribers today, there are approximately 42 million active subscribers enjoying video services, with 28% of them enjoying sports content, from live streaming, recorded matches, to match footages. Along with the high interest of customers in accessing soccer match contents via mobile smartphone and tablet computer, products that provide convenience and convenience for customers are provided.

Through the VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV package, subscribers all over Indonesia whenever and wherever can watch world-class soccer matches live on their devices with clearer, crisper picture quality. The convenience of the customers in enjoying live soccer matches in the VideoMAX SuperSoccer TV package is supported by a quality network with over 146,000 base transceiver stations (BTS), including 17,800 eNode B (BTS 4G), spread across Indonesia.