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Internet OMG! 14GB

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Internet OMG! 7GB

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What is simPATI Entertainment starter pack?

simPATI Entertainment starter pack is a Telkomsel prepaid card that offers data and digital values.

When is simPATI Entertainment available?

This starter pack is available starting on December 12th, 2018.

How to check simPATI credit?

Check your simPATI credit by pressing UMB code *800#, press "Call/Dial" and your credit balance & active period will be displayed. You can also check the available simPATI credit on the MyTelkomsel App.

Where do I buy simPATI Entertainment?

You can buy it at GraPARI and the nearest outlets.

How do I register simPATI Entertainment prepaid number?

Simply type REG<space>NIK#Family Card Number# and send via SMS to 4444.
E.g.: REG 1234567890123456#3201060401130027# send to 4444.

What values can I enjoy by using simPATI Entertainment?

  • Credit balance worth Rp 5,000 that can be used for all telecommunication services.
  • 300MB data quota is valid on all networks across Indonesia for 30 days.
  • Get free 30-days content services such as 2GB MAXstream quota, VIU premium access, LangitMusik premium access, ring back tone, ShellFire gift code dan Free Fire game item.

How do I get the simPATI Entertainment 300MB data quota?

You will automatically receive the 300MB quota after you successfully activated the starter pack.

What are the terms and conditions for simPATI Entertainment 300MB data quota?

  • You will automatically receive the 300MB quota after you successfully activated the starter pack, and it will be valid for 30 days.
  • The data quota can be used on all Telkomsel network across Indonesia.
  • You can check your remaining data quota via MyTelkomsel App.
  • After you ran out of data quota, you will be charged with the normal basic tariff.
  • The data quota and the validity period cannot be accumulated with other packages.

How do I get simPATI Entertainment content services?

You can enjoy the content services by activating the number via MyTelkomsel App.

What are the terms and conditions for simPATI Entertainment content services?

  • The content services can be activated via MyTelkomsel App and will be valid for 30 days.
  • These content services can only be obtained once in 30 days after you successfully registered your number.
  • MAXstream quota can be used to access MAXstream, beIN SPORTS CONNECT, KlikFilm, Nickelodeon Play and VIU including access to all MAXstream live channels (except Cartoon Network).
  • MAXstream quota does not include beIN SPORTS CONNECT, KlikFilm, Nickelodeon Play, and VIU subscription.
  • After the MAXstream quota has been all used up, other internet quotas will be used or you will be charged with normal internet basic tariff.

Can the benefits of simPATI Entertainment be obtained multiple times?

No, all the benefits can only be obtained once within 30 days after the starter pack is active.

Is there a minimum amount of credit balance I should have to enjoy simPATI Entertainment values?

No, you can enjoy the whole value without a minimum amount of credit balance.

How do I activate simPATI Entertainment digital package?

  • Download and open MyTelkomsel App.
  • Log in using your simPATI Entertainment number.
  • Submit your personal information.
  • Click ‘menu’ button.
  • Choose ‘hot offer’ button.
  • Choose simPATI Entertainment package.
  • Click ‘buy’ button.
  • Choose the payment method.
  • Your activation process is successful.

How do I use MAXstream quota?

  • Download and install MAXstream app.
  • Click ‘menu’ and log in.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Input your OTP number.

How do I enjoy LangitMusik premium service?

  • Activate simPATI Entertainment package.
  • You will receive an SMS notification that you are successfully subscribed to LangitMusik premium.
  • You will also receive your login password via SMS.
  • Download and install LangitMusik app.
  • Open LangitMusik app and click the menu on the upper left.
  • Click ‘login/register’ menu, input the ID and password you received via SMS.
  • You can check your detailed premium status via the main ‘menu’ button and ‘subscription’ menu.

How do I enjoy free ringback tone (NSP) service?

  • Activate simPATI Entertainment package.
  • You will receive an SMS notification that you have received ringback tone (NSP) service.
  • You can access, add and delete the ringback tone via *121*54#.

How do I redeem ShellFire gift code?

  • Activate simPATI Entertainment package.
  • You will receive the gift code via SMS.
  • Download and login to ShellFire app.
  • Start playing.
  • Click ‘setting’ menu.
  • Choose ‘gift code’ menu.
  • Enter your gift code and confirm it.
  • Click ‘OK’ to get the rewards.
  • Back to the main menu, and click ‘bag’ menu to claim your reward.

How do I get and redeem Free Fire item code?

  • After successfully activated simPATI Entertainment, you will receive the voucher code via SMS.
  • You will be directed to Dunia Games website via the link on the SMS to redeem the voucher.
  • Log in, enter your simPATI Entertainment number and OTP code.
  • You will receive the item code via SMS.
  • Download and install Free Fire app.
  • Open and log in to the app.
  • Leave the app.
  • Access Free Fire code redemption website on me/freefire.
  • Enter your item code and confirm it.
  • Go back to the app, check your inbox to claim the item.

How do I check my quota?

You can check your data and MAXstream quota through MyTelkomsel App or by dialing *888*12#.

General Terms & Conditions: 

  1. By using simPATI SIM card, you agree to obey all Telkomsel service’s terms and conditions from time to time, for every service you get by using simPATI.
  2. Telkomsel has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, with prior notice through mass media or Telkomsel’s official website (www.telkomsel.com).
  3. Telkomsel has the right to stop the whole service or partially, including blocking the simPATI user, if the user allegedly uses simPATI for activities prohibited by the law and Telkomsel’s terms and conditions, or due to a request from an authorized party.
  4. The registration of simPATI SIM card has to be done correctly. If the registration is done incorrectly or does not follow the rules, Telkomsel has the right to deactivate the simPATI number and all of its services.
  5. PIN & PUK: Please use your private PIN to protect your privacy. Activate your PIN by entering Standard PIN (1234), and change it with your new personal PIN by contacting 04[Standard PIN][NEW PIN][NEW PIN]#. If you enter the incorrect PIN three times, your simPATI number will be blocked. To unblock it, you have to enter PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) number. You can get a PUK number by calling Telkomsel’s Customer Service.
  6. You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.


Terms & Conditions for Using 300MB Data from simPATI Entertainment Starter Pack:

  1. The quota will be automatically added once you have activated and registered your simPATI Entertainment number.
  2. The quota can be used in all network (3G/4G) in Indonesia.
  3. You can check your quota using MyTelkomsel App.
  4. If you ran out of package quota, the normal basic tariff will be applied.
  5. 300MB quota and the validity period cannot be accumulated.


Terms & Conditions for Using Digital Entertainment from simPATI Entertainment Starter Pack:

  1. Digital content/entertainment services can be activated using MyTelkomsel App, and valid for 30 days.
  2. Digital content/entertainment services can be enjoyed only once after a successful registration.
  3. MAXstream quota can be used to access MAXstream, beIN SPORT CONNECT, KlikFilm, Nickelodeon Play and VIU, including live-channel access on MAXstream.
  4. MAXstream is not available for beIN SPORT CONNECT, KlikFilm, Nickelodeon Play, dan VIU subscription.
  5. After you ran out of the MAXstream quota, you will be charged using regular internet quota or using normal basic tariffs.


Self Service for Internet Activation and Deactivation

You can activate or deactivate your internet by accessing the following codes from your smartphone:

  • *363*213# for internet activation
  • *363*212# for internet deactivation

Please make sure you always restart your mobile phone after accessing one of those codes. This internet activation or deactivation process will not affect your internet package.

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