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Internet OMG! 6.5GB

Internet OMG! 6.5GB

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  • 51.000

Internet 15GB

Internet 15GB

  • 7 day

  • 48.000

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How can I find out the status of my KARTU As price plan?

You can do so through the direct code *888# or through the MyTelkomsel app.

What is KARTU As Puas Internetan?

KARTU As Puas Internetan is an Internet data package that provides daily, weekly and monthly data for Internet, Facebook, chatting and access, with a data quota of up to 1.5GB.

How do I top up or buy packages for my KARTU As line?

You can purchase packages via the MyTelkomsel app, or buy KARTU As packages at *100#

Can I migrate from a simPATI or Loop subscription to a KARTU As subscription?

We do not support migration between our prepaid SIMs. You will be required to purchase a new KARTU As Starter Pack and receive a new number.

Does the rate for KARTU As include tax?

Yes, the rate for KARTU As includes tax (VAT) of 10%

How do I extend KARTU As card active period?

To extend the active period of KARTU As card, you can top up your credit balance or buy data packages.

The activities that can be carried out to extend the active period of your KARTU As card are:

  1. Data Package Purchase
    • All package purchases will extend the active period, based on the validity period of the package.
    • Purchasing a package during the grace period will change the card to an active card, and the active period will adjust to the validity period of the package.
    • Package purchases from all purchase channels (such as GoPay, OVO, LinkAja, Virtual Assistant, credit card, etc.) will change the grace period to be active, and the active period will adjust to the validity period of the package.
  1. Get the Gift Package
    • If the number receives a certain package (gift package), the card's active period will be extended according to the validity period of the package.
    • Packages received during the grace period will change to an active period according to the validity period of the package.
  1. The use of data/voice/SMS quota during the grace period will not change the active period.


How long will the active period of KARTU As be extended after I top-up credit or buy data package?

The active period of the KARTU As card will be extended by topping up credit or buying data package with a certain value, whether in an active period or grace period, and also top-up usage of at least Rp1, with the following details:

  • Credit Top-up
Credit Denomination Active Period
Rp5,000 7 days
Rp10,000 15 days
Rp15,000 20 days
Rp20,000 30 days
Rp25,000 30 days
Rp50,000 45 days
Rp100,000 60 days
Rp150,000 120 days
Rp200,000 150 days
Rp300,000 180 days
Rp500,000 240 days
Rp1,000,000 330 days



  • Data Package Purchase
Quota Active Period
0.5GB – 1.5GB 3 days
1GB – 2.5GB 5 days
1.5GB – 3.5GB 7 days
4GB 30 days
10GB 30 days
14GB 30 days
  1. By using KARTU As SIM card, you agree to obey all TELKOMSEL services’ terms and conditions from time to time, for every service you get by using KARTU As.
  2. TELKOMSEL has the right to change these terms and conditions any time, with a prior notice through mass media or TELKOMSEL’s official website (
  3. TELKOMSEL has the right to stop the whole service or partially, including blocking the KARTU As user, if the user allegedly uses KARTU As for activities prohibited by the law and TELKOMSEL’s terms and conditions, or due to a request from an authorized party.
  4. The registration of KARTU As SIM card has to be done correctly. If the registration is done incorrectly or does not follow the rules, TELKOMSEL has the right to deactivate the KARTU As number and all of its services.
  5. PIN & PUK: Please use your private PIN to protect your privacy. Activate your PIN by entering Standard PIN(1234), and change it with your new personal PIN by contacting 04[Standard PIN][NEW PIN][NEW PIN]#. If you enter the incorrect PIN three times, your KARTU As number will be blocked. To unblock it, you have to enter PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) number. You can get PUK number by calling TELKOMSEL’s Customer Service.
  6. You can activate or deactivate your internet by accessing the following codes from your smartphone:
    • *363*213# for internet activation
    • *363*212# for internet deactivation
    Please make sure you always restart your mobile phone after accessing one of those codes. This internet activation or deactivation process will not affect your internet package.

You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.

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