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What is kartuHalo product?

kartuHalo products are Telkomsel postpaid services that can be used at any time (24 hours) on all Telkomsel networks (2G, 3G, and 4G networks), with various benefits including network priority for calls during high traffic, bill payments that can be made through various channels, and ease of monitoring usage and billing details in billing.

Who can become kartuHalo customers?

All new customers who want to subscribe to kartuHalo and prepaid customers who switch to kartuHalo.

Where do I register as a kartuHalo customer?

kartuHalo activation applies to all new kartuHalo registered customers or migrating customers from prepaid to kartuHalo on Telkomsel registration channels such as GraPARI, Telesales and Telkomsel web-based as well as Telkomsel partner channels (offline and online distributor partners via e-commerce).

How do I pay my kartuHalo bills?

Customers will receive bills or price details related to the use of kartuHalo products every month at the end of the kartuHalo billing period which can be paid through LinkAja, MyGraPARI, MyGraPARI Cash, MyTelkomsel, ATM/Internet Banking channels, GraPARI, retail such as Indomart and Alfamart, also e-commerces in collaboration with Telkomsel.

What is billing cycle?

Billing cycle is the time period limit where the customers can use kartuHalo with the accumulated usage that results in a bill at the end of the period. Bills will be sent to customers every month, or to be precise, at the end of each kartuHalo product billing period.

What billing period can I choose?

Currently, customers can choose one from the following billing periods:

  1. the 1st of each month
  2. the 6th of each month
  3. the 11th of each month
  4. the 16th of each month
  5. the 20th of each month

Does each billing period have a billing information schedule on the same date?

No, each billing period has a different billing information schedule, namely until the 5th day after the end of the billing period. For example, on the 1st billing period of each month, the customer will be informed of the bill on the 5th of each month.

How long is the kartuHalo payment period that I can do?

You can make your kartuHalo payments during the kartuHalo payment period, which is approximately 15 days from the time the bill comes out to the due date.

What if the kartuHalo payment is not made until the due date?

Your kartuHalo number will experience the first phase of blocking within 10 days after kartuHalo maturity and you cannot make calls, send SMS, and use broadband networks but can still receive calls and SMS.

What if the kartuHalo payment is not made until the first phase of blocking is over?

Your kartuHalo number will be completely blocked for a month after the first phase of your kartuHalo blocking is complete. And at the end of the full blocking period, your kartuHalo number will be terminated.

  1. Bill is a breakdown of prices and other matters related to the use of kartuHalo products.
  2. Bills are sent to customers every month, to be precise at the end of each kartuHalo product’s billing period (billing cycle).
  3. The bill will still be given as long as the customer has not completed the payment obligations (both in the collected status).
  4. Customers can use kartuHalo services from the 1st day to the 30th day (end of the billing period).
  5. On the 30th to 35th day the customer will receive a bill of their kartuHalo usage during the previous billing period.
  6. On the 50th day of kartuHalo, the customer will be due for the bill.
  7. If bill payments are not made until the 51st day, your kartuHalo number will enter a blocking period (Block-1), which means blocking most services (unable to make calls, send SMS, and use broadband networks) and can only receive calls and SMS.
  8. If bill payments are not made until the 60th day, your kartuHalo number will enter a full blocking period (Block-2), which means blocking all calls, SMS, and broadband network services.
  9. kartuHalo termination will be done at the end of Block-2 period or on the 90th day and if no payment is made, kartuHalo can no longer be used by customers.
  10. Reactivation of the customer's kartuHalo number can only be done before the customer's kartuHalo number is terminated. By making a payment for the bill, the customer's kartuHalo blocking will also be re-opened.
  11. Any delay and/or failure of payment of kartuHalo products caused by the customer’s negligence or non-payment of the credit card-issuing bank from the due date of the billing period will result in the implementation of blocking by Telkomsel to the customer, in accordance with the applicable provisions of Telkomsel, with the following stages:
    1. Block outgoing calls (outgoing block);
    2. Total blocking of incoming and outgoing calls (outgoing and incoming block);
    3. Termination of subscription status. Telkomsel will unblock the kartuHalo product after the customer makes a payment according to the bill amount. The imposition of the stage of terminating the subscription status by Telkomsel does not write off the customer's debt to Telkomsel and henceforth Telkomsel can take settlement efforts in accordance with the applicable provisions of Telkomsel.