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Kartu Halo
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  • Highest network speed

  • Best data package

  • Exclusive rewards

Explore Our Wide Range of Add-ons

With a variety of add-on packages for every digital lifestyle, find the one that suits you.

Ekstra Kuota (Turbo)

Ekstra Kuota (Turbo)

  • 1 month

  • 70.000

Telepon Bulanan ke PSTN

Telepon Bulanan ke PSTN

  • 1 month

  • 30.000

Telepon Siang Hari

Telepon Siang Hari

  • 1 day

  • 5.000

Telepon Malam Hari

Telepon Malam Hari

  • 1 day

  • 5.000

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Double your Quotas at a Price of Rp 20k per Month

Halo∙Kick! Double Internet Quotas give additional benefits in the form of internet access quota, so all the quota of the internet will be doubled only with additional cost Rp20,000.

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The Best Family Package for Communications

Get more benefits of free phone calls for family, one billing feature for everyone and get special offer of Halo•Kick! Double Internet Quotas

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More Quota More Entertainment

Enjoy thousands of videos, music, and games with big quota. Get data quota up to 140GB starting from Rp100,000 with Halo∙Kick!

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Easy to Handle Your kartuHalo Bill Payment

Handle your kartuHalo's bill payment based on your communication needs every month.

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kartuHalo Special Offers



Get more internet quota, cashback, and other offers



Enjoy 6GB internet quota for 3 months



Get 500 Fiesta Poin



Register auto bill BRI for your kartuHalo bill payment



Get double internet quota

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Experience how easy it is to switch to kartuHalo and choose any number you want!

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Experience a World of Privileges

Earn triple POIN, discover special deals from over 1000 merchants, enjoy priority service at GraPARI and Call Center, and get free access to 4 airport lounges across Indonesia exclusively for Priority users.

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kartu halo
  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Quick Connect

Can I migrate my existing Telkomsel prepaid number if I upgrade my line to a kartuHalo plan?

Yes, you can choose to migrate your prepaid card number to your new kartuHalo plan, or get choose to get a new number.

Can I instantly enjoy quota once my kartuHalo SIM is active?

Yes, once your package is activated you are able to enjoy talk time, SMS and/or data that is specific to your kartuHalo package.

How can I check my total usage with the new HaloFit MyPlan package?

Your usage will be reflected in your bill which is received with each billing cycle. As a HaloFit MyPlan customer, you can check your current usage through the UMB codes *888# or you can access via MyTelkomsel App, you can also check your quota at *888#.

Can I sign-up my family members for a kartuHalo plan?

Yes, you can sign-up your family members and have all kartuHalo numbers on one bill.

Does the rate for kartuHalo include taxes?

No, rates for kartuHalo do not include 10% tax (VAT).

What is upfront payment?

Upfront payment is a payment made by customers directly at the moment they subscribe to a new kartuHalo worth 1-month monthly fee, which will be deducted from the first month’s billing amount.

Who are eligible to use upfront payment?

Upfront payment is a default payment method for new kartuHalo customers or customers who migrated from prepaid to kartuHalo who don’t have a credit card. Customers who have a credit card don’t need to pay upfront.

For add-contract customers, here are the terms:

  • kartuHalo customers who have been active more than 1 year do not need to pay upfront.
  • kartuHalo customers who have been active less than 1 year need to pay upfront.

How much upfront payment customers need to pay?

Customers must make an upfront payment worth 1-month monthly fee according to the package they choose. Example for customers who don’t have a credit card:

  • If the customer is subscribed to Halo.Kick! 60K, they have to pay Rp60,000 upfront during registration.
  • If the customer is subscribed to Halo.Kick! 150K, they have to pay Rp150,000 upfront during registration.

Will the upfront payment be returned to the customer?

Upfront payment will be returned by deducting the first month’s billing amount. If the billing amount exceeded the package value, the customers must pay the amount of surplus.

E.g.: If the customer is subscribed to Halo.Kick! 60K and paid Rp60,000 upfront, but the billing amount is apparently Rp100,000, then the customer has to pay Rp40,000 only.

When do I need to pay the first billing cycle?

It depends on the billing cycle period you are in. Below is the detailed information:


Billing Cycle Period of Use Bill Checking Period Bill Payment Period
BC 01 Day 1 month N until day 30 month N+1. Day 1 until 5, month N+1. Day 6 until 20, month N+1.
BC 06 Day 6 month N until day 5 month N+1. Day 6 until 12, month N+1. Day 13 until 25, month N+1.
BC 11 Day 11 month N until day 10 month N+1. Day 11 until 17, month N+1. Day 18 until the last day of month N+1.

Where does the upfront payment apply?

Currently, upfront payment is only valid for customers who subscribe to kartuHalo at GraPARI and GraPARI Mitra.

Where should upfront payment be made?

When you subscribe to kartuHalo at GraPARI, you will be asked to make the upfront payment at the GraPARI cashier. After you completed the registration and your number is active, the Customer Service agent will assist you to make the payment.

Is there any additional benefit for customers who make an upfront payment?

Yes. You will get data quota, voice quota, ShopBack e-voucher worth Rp95,000, and e-voucher from Tempo for 3 consecutive months. Customer Service will assist you to activate these benefits after you completed the upfront payment. The benefits will be given to customers who choose Halo.Kick! products.

Please check this table for more details about the benefits:


Package for PSB Quota Validity*
HK 60K 5GB/3 months 50 mins all operator/3 months 150 mins to Telkomsel/6 months Follow billing cycle
HK 100K & 120K DD 10GB/3 months 100 mins all operator/3 months 150 mins to Telkomsel/6 months Follow billing cycle
HK 150K & 170K DD 10GB/3 months 100 mins all operator/3 months 150 mins to Telkomsel/6 months Follow billing cycle
HK 300K & 320K DD 10GB/3 months 100 mins all operator/3 months 150 mins to Telkomsel/6 months Follow billing cycle
HK 550K & 570K DD 10GB/3 months 100 mins all operator/3 months 150 mins to Telkomsel/6 months Follow billing cycle
HK 1.2M & HK 1.220M 10GB/3 months 100 mins all operator/3 months 150 mins to Telkomsel/6 months Follow billing cycle


*The validity period of the benefits shall follow the billing cycle of each customer.

How is the procedure to receive ShopBack and Tempo e-vouchers?

The e-vouchers will be given to the customers in 3 days maximum since the subscription day.

ShopBack E-voucher:

  1. The voucher is worth Rp95,000 to the customers who register to ShopBack for the first time.
  2. One voucher is valid for one customer.
  3. To cash the voucher, the minimum amount of cashback from ShopBack transaction should be Rp50,000.
  4. Customers can collect more cashbacks by making more transactions via ShopBack on Shopee, Bukalapak, Tokopedia and other online shops.
  5. Further information can be obtained by contacting ShopBack Customer Service via email
  6. Landing page for ShopBack program can be acessed via
  7. You can get further information by accessing

Tempo E-voucher:

  1. Visit
  2. Complete your personal information form.
  3. Enter the code you receive from Telkomsel to the voucher code field, and click ‘Check’.
  4. Make sure the code is successfully identified and you can enjoy 90-days access to Tempo Digital.

Is there any additional benefit for customers who have made upfront payment after 3 months?

Yes. Jabodetabek, West Java, Yogyakarta, and East Java customers will get cashback voucher for device purchase at Telesindo or MEGAFON outlets.

This benefit is only given to customers who choose Halo.Kick! products with the following details:




Halo●Kick! 60K Halo●Kick! 100K Halo●Kick! 150K
Voucher Start from Rp107,400 up to Rp2,799,900
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 512 GB
Samsung Galaxy A9
Samsung Galaxy M20
Samsung Galaxy A7 64GB
Samsung Galaxy A7 128GB
Samsung Galaxy J4+ 32 GB
Samsung Galaxy J6+ 32GB
Samsung Galaxy J6+ 64 GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4


Note: The voucher can be redeemed after the customer subscribed to a new kartuHalo. The type of smartphone is subject to change, depends on the availability.

The voucher can be redeemed maximum until May 31st, 2019 at the following Telesindo and MEGAFON stores:


City Store
Bekasi MEGAFON Metropolitan Bekasi
Bogor MEGAFON Metropolitan Mall Cileungsi
South Jakarta MEGAFON Pejaten Village
South Jakarta MEGAFON ITC Kuningan
East Jakarta MEGAFON Cipinang Indah Mall
East Jakarta MEGAFON PGC
North Jakarta MEGAFON La Piazza
Karawang MEGAFON Karawang
Yogyakarta MEGAFON Hartono Mall
Surabaya MEGAFON Tunjungan Plaza
Surabaya MEGAFON Pakuwon Surabaya
Surabaya Telesindo Super Mall Pakuwon Surabaya
Yogyakarta Telesindo Hartono Mall
Yogyakarta Telesindo Lippo Plaza Yogya
Bekasi Telesindo Mega Bekasi
Bekasi Telesindo Mall Metropolitan Bekasi
Bogor Telesindo Metland Cileungsi
Depok Telesindo Margo City
Depok Telesindo Detos
West Jakarta Telesindo Central Park
West Jakarta Telesindo Citra
West Jakarta Telesindo Slipi Jaya Plaza
West Jakarta Telesindo Daan Mogot Mall
West Jakarta Telesindo Pluit Village
Central Jakarta Telesindo Atrium Senen
South Jakarta Telesindo Pondok Indah Mall
South Jakarta Telesindo Kalibata
South Jakarta Telesindo Permata Hijau
South Jakarta Telesindo Pacific Place
South Jakarta Telesindo Metro Cipulir
East Jakarta Telesindo Cibubur Junction
East Jakarta Telesindo Arion Plaza
East Jakarta Telesindo Cipinang Indah
East Jakarta Telesindo Pondok Gede
North Jakarta Telesindo Emporium Pluit
North Jakarta Telesindo Mall Artha Gading
North Jakarta Telesindo Baywalk Pluit
Karawang Telesindo Karawang Festive Walk
Tangerang Telesindo Summarecon Serpong
Tangerang Telesindo Giant BSD
Tangerang Telesindo Lippo Karawaci
Tangerang Telesindo Pamulang Square
Tangerang Telesindo Tangerang City
Tangerang Telesindo Alam Sutera
Tangerang Telesindo ITC BSD
  1. By using kartuHalo SIM card, you agree to obey all TELKOMSEL services’ terms and conditions from time to time, for every service you get by using kartuHalo.
  2. TELKOMSEL has the right to change these terms and conditions any time, with a prior notice through mass media or TELKOMSEL’s official website (
  3. TELKOMSEL has the right to stop the whole service or partially, including blocking the kartuHalo user, if the user allegedly uses kartuHalo for activities prohibited by the law and TELKOMSEL’s terms and conditions, or due to a request from an authorized party.
  4. The registration of kartuHalo SIM card has to be done correctly. If the registration is done incorrectly or does not follow the rules, TELKOMSEL has the right to deactivate the kartuHalo number and all of its services.
  5. PIN & PUK: Please use your private PIN to protect your privacy. Activate your PIN by entering Standard PIN(1234), and change it with your new personal PIN by contacting 04[Standard PIN][NEW PIN][NEW PIN]#. If you enter the incorrect PIN three times, your kartuHalo number will be blocked. To unblock it, you have to enter PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) number. You can get PUK number by calling TELKOMSEL’s Customer Service.


You can view the complete Terms & Conditions by downloading them here.

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