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Enjoy All the Fun with Telkomsel UnlimitedMAX Internet Package

Telkomsel presents Unlimited Package, a starter package that offers internet quota of up to 55GB with unlimited quota to acess YouTube, TikTok, MusicMAX, GamesMAX, Instagram and others for only Rp20,000. Internet UnlimitedMAX Starter Pack offers monthly internet packages on Telkomsel's fastest and widest network with an additional unlimited application quota for new Telkomsel customers with an active period of less than 6 months.

Starter Pack & Package Information

  • UnlimitedMAX Starter Pack can be purchased at the nearest outlets in your city.
  • UnlimitedMAX package is only available for new Telkomsel customers or Telkomsel prepaid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, dan Loop).
  • UnlimitedMAX package can be purchased for multiple times for 6 months.

Check UnlimitedMAX Internet Package Here

  • Please check UnlimitedMAX package’s price here.
    Package Name Price Total of Main Quota Local Quota National Quota Unlimited Apps Quota (Local)
    Outlet & *363# MyTelkomsel App
    UnlimitedMAX 20K Rp20,000 Rp18,000 3GB 2.5GB 0.5GB WhatsApp, LINE, GamesMAX, MusicMAX, TikTok
    UnlimitedMAX 30K Rp30,000 Rp28,000 7GB 6GB 1GB Facebook, Instagram. WhatsApp, LINE, GamesMAX, MusicMAX, TikTok
    UnlimitedMAX 50K Rp50,000 Rp48,000 15GB 13GB 2GB
    UnlimitedMAX 70K Rp70,000 Rp68,000 25GB 23GB 2GB YouTube, MAXstream, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, GamesMAX, MusicMAX, TikTok
    UnlimitedMAX 100K Rp100,000 Rp98,000 38GB 35GB 3GB
    UnlimitedMAX 120K Rp120,000 Rp118,000 55GB 50GB 5GB

    *The outlet price may differ according to each outlet’s policy.
  • UnlimitedMAX package can be activated through the following options:
    • Internet menu by dialing *363# from your number.
    • Internet menu on MyTelkomsel App.
    • Visit the nearest Telkomsel outlet.
Area City
South Sumatra Belitung
Southern Sumatra East Belitung
Southern Sumatra Kota Bandar Lampung
Southern Sumatra Kota Metro
Southern Sumatra South Lampung
Southern Sumatra East Lampung
Southern Sumatra Pesawaran
Southern Sumatra Pringsewu
Southern Sumatra Kota Pangkal Pinang
Southern Sumatra Bangka
Southern Sumatra West Bangka
Southern Sumatra South Bangka
Southern Sumatra Central Bangka
Jabotabek Kota Cilegon
Jabotabek Kota Serang
Jabotabek Lebak
Jabotabek Pandeglang
Jabotabek Serang
Jabotabek Karawang
Jabotabek Purwakarta
Jabotabek Kota Sukabumi
Jabotabek Sukabumi
West Java Cirebon
West Java Indramayu
West Java Kota Cirebon
West Java Kuningan
West Java Majalengka
West Java West Bandung
West Java Cianjur
West Java Kota Cimahi
West Java Subang
West Java Sumedang
Central Java Batang
Central Java Brebes
Central Java Kota Pekalongan
Central Java Kota Tegal
Central Java Pekalongan
Central Java Pemalang
Central Java Tegal
East Java Bangkalan
East Java Pamekasan
East Java Sampang
East Java Sumenep
East Java Jombang
East Java Kota Mojokerto
East Java Mojokerto
Nusa Tenggara Kota Mataram
Nusa Tenggara West Lombok
Nusa Tenggara Central Lombok
Nusa Tenggara East Lombok
Nusa Tenggara North Lombok
Kalimantan Banjar
Kalimantan Kota Banjar Baru
Kalimantan Kota Banjarmasin
Kalimantan Kota Pontianak
Kalimantan Kota Singkawang
Kalimantan Kubu Raya
Kalimantan Mempawah
Kalimantan Sambas
Kalimantan South Hulu Sungai
Kalimantan Central Hulu Sungai
Kalimantan North Hulu Sungai
Sulawesi Bantaeng
Sulawesi Jeneponto
Sulawesi Takalar
  • FAQ

  • Terms & Conditions

What is UnlimitedMAX Internet Starter Pack?

Unlimited Internet Starter Pack is a new starter pack that offers monthly internet package with Unlimited Apps quota for Telkomsel new customers who have been active for less than 6 months.

Where do I buy UnlimitedMAX Internet Starter Pack?

You can buy UnlimitedMAX Internet Starter Pack at GraPARI or the nearest outlet, and then activate the package.

Is there any time or location limitation to buy and use UnlimitedMAX package?

  • UnlimitedMAX package is available to be purchased for 24 hours.
  • UnlimitedMAX package is valid for 30 days.
  • UnlimitedMAX package can be purchased for multiple times for 6 months.
  • UnlimitedMAX package is only available on certain cities (please check the city list above on this page).

Can all Telkomsel prepaid customers buy UnlimitedMAX package?

No, only new Telkomsel customers or Telkomsel prepaid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, dan Loop) who have been active for less than 6 months can buy this package.

Can UnlimitedMAX package be accumulated with other internet packages?

No, UnlimitedMAX package cannot be accumulated with other packages.

Where can I use the Local Quota?

Local Quota can be used in 65 cities listed on the city list above on this page.

How can Unlimited Apps quota be used?

As long as you have a main quota, the main quota will be consumed first. After you ran out of main quota:

  • Unlimited Apps quota will be consumed next without any speed or quota limitation during the package’s validity period.
  • You can still access the regular internet for other apps (outside the Unlimited Apps) with a maximum of 64 kbps (without consuming your credit balance) during the package’s validity period.

How do I make sure the UnlimitedMax package has been successfully activated?

You can use UnlimitedMAX package after receiving the successful transaction SMS. You can check your remaining quota through:

  • “Cek Status” menu via *363#.
  • “Cek kuota internet” menu via *888#.
  • Status menu on MyTelkomsel App.
  1. By using UnlimitedMAX Starter Pack, you agree to obey all Telkomsel service’s terms and conditions from time to time, for every service you get by using UnlimitedMAX Starter Pack.
  2. Telkomsel has the right to change these terms and conditions at any time, with prior notice through mass media or Telkomsel’s official website (
  3. Telkomsel has the right to stop the whole service or partially, including blocking the number, if the user allegedly uses this card for activities prohibited by the law and Telkomsel’s terms and conditions, or due to a request from an authorized party.
  4. The registration of SIM card has to be done correctly. If the registration is done incorrectly or does not follow the rules, Telkomsel has the right to deactivate the number and all of its services.
  5. PIN & PUK: Please use your private PIN to protect your privacy. Activate your PIN by entering Standard PIN (1234), and change it with your new personal PIN by contacting 04[Standard PIN][NEW PIN][NEW PIN]#. If you enter the incorrect PIN three times, your simPATI number will be blocked. To unblock it, you have to enter PUK (PIN Unblocking Key) number. You can get a PUK number by calling Telkomsel’s Customer Service.
  6. You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.


  1. For prepaid customers (simPATI, KARTU As, and Loop), the price includes tax.
  2. Only valid for domestic use (International Roaming will be charged separately).
  3. The package notification will be sent via SMS before the package’s validity period ended.
  4. As long as you already have an active package, you can access the internet using their quota although you don’t have a credit balance. If your quota has run out and you don’t have any data package, you will be charged with a normal basic tariff (non-package).
  5. The internet package is valid nationally as long as the Telkomsel network is available, unless for certain packages that can only be used in certain areas.
  6. Telkomsel has the right to limit and block the service (voice, SMS, or internet) if there is any indication of Telkomsel service misuse or fraud with or without tools, and any other usage that does not follow the law and regulations.
  7. Telkomsel is not responsible for any misuse of Telkomsel products and services by other parties, and for contents or packages that are not in accordance with Telkomsel’s official product specifications.
  8. Telkomsel is not responsible for any misuse of Telkomsel products and services by other parties, and for contents that have been sent or accessed using the Telkomsel network.
  9. Basically, Telkomsel will provide the best speed and access for customers. However, there are a few conditions that can cause a disruption in our services such as network availability, topography factor, population density, the building’s thickness, the type of device, the time of usage, the amount of Telkomsel users, the distance with the nearest BTS tower, and other factors.
  10. Telkomsel has the right to renew, close, raise, or reduce the tariff and quota, also the quality of the service by the following considerations:
    • Ordered by the authority.
    • The service is no longer suitable for the current technology.
    • The service is no longer used and will be diverted to another similar service.
    • Other considerations that are deemed reasonable and appropriate by Telkomsel.
  11. Related to service renewals conducted by Telkomsel, customers agree to exempt Telkomsel from any demands and legal liability that emerged from the policy.