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Get nostalgic with Ricis Adventure
Watch Ricis Adventure animation series with your family to get nostalgic and learn about social media!

Childhood nostalgia: Watching cartoon in Animation Month


If you remember your childhood, watching animated cartoons on Sundays is absolutely mandatory. We miss those times, don't we? Well, MAXstream will bring you the nostalgia while commemorating Animation Month.


Every year, we celebrate International Animation Day to commemorate the day the animation show was broadcast publicly for the first time! A lot of people will agree that animations are not only for children to enjoy, and we have one cartoon show inspired by real-life characters. Who is this inspirational figure? Yup, we invite you to go on an adventure together through the animated series: Ricis Adventure!


If you feel familiar with the name “Ricis”, well, you’re right. This animated series is about Ria Ricis, an actress, celebrity, writer, and of course a famous YouTuber who is proud of Indonesia and has served as the No. 1 YouTuber in Southeast Asia. In this animated series, Ricis and Team Ricis (Beno, Ramon, Jo, and Rendi) will have an adventure together. They find a mysterious cellphone and is suddenly sucked into the cellphone screen. They get dragged to a portal and end up in Socidia City, the "metaverse" city where all the social media activities in the real world take place.


They’ll take you to explore the city filled with netizens, and they get into battles with evil monsters to collect viral points so they can return to the real world. Each episode describes a phenomenon on social media which is very relatable to us! Starting from netizens' malicious comments, obsession with viral content, hoaxes, also the phenomenon of jokes and any news being shared to WhatsApp groups. The message of this animation series is to behave wisely in social media and learn directly from the queen of social media, Ria Ricis!

There are 12 episodes of Ricis Adventure, ready to accompany you while spending some time with your family. Let's celebrate Animation Month and download MAXstream application to watch this cartoon now!


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