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Operasi Trisula

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Indonesian Army vs Communist Party, a nationalist documentary film


October is a month that has many meanings for the people of Indonesia. On October 2, we celebrated National Batik Day to commemorate the works of our people by wearing Batik clothes on that day. The Indonesian government issued Presidential Decree No. 33 of 2009 which stipulates the National Batik Day in order to increase public awareness to protect and develop Indonesian Batik.


In addition, on October 28, we also celebrate Youth Pledge Day. The Youth Pledge is a major milestone in the history of the Indonesian independence movement. This pledge is considered as a crystallization of the spirit to affirm the ideals of the establishment of Indonesia. Feeling your nationalism spirit burning already?


One of the struggles of the Indonesian people including the Indonesian Army’s struggle against the Communist Party of Indonesia. Exactly 57 years ago, the September 30th Movement or G30S/PKI took place. The incident led to the crushing of the Communist Party in various areas, including in South Blitar. The incident was then filmed in 1987 with the title "Penumpasan Sisa-Sisa PKI di Blitar Selatan: Operasi Trisula".


The 118-minute documentary film was produced by Perum Produksi Film Negara (PPFN) or the State Film Production Corporation. This film was helmed and written by B. Z. Kadaryono with G. Dwipayana as the producer. Through this film, you can watch how the military operations were carried out to eradicate members of the Communist Party who fled from Jakarta and various areas. They then survived and carried on their mission from the barren, hilly, and cavernous areas of South Blitar. They’re depicted as robbing, sabotaging, and disturbing the public. A military operation dubbed "Operasi Trisula" was created to eradicate them. This film also stars several actresses who acted as figures in the Indonesian Women's Movement (Gerwani) such as Eva Rusdiana Dewi, Lina Budiarti, and Tien Kadaryono.


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