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Nagita’s Corner
Nagita Slavina will share her daily life, her love for local products, and the secret of her success!

Proud of local products, let's take a peek at Nagita Slavina's daily life

Who doesn’t know Nagita Slavina nowadays? From kids to the elder people—they must be very familiar with this inspiring woman whom we often call the wife of Sultan Andara. In addition to being an actress and singer, Nagita has also successfully acquired expertise in the world of entrepreneurship, making her such a bigger inspiration for people.


The business owned by Nagita Slavina is no joke—entertainment, fashion, cosmetics, and also F&B. Recently, Nagita Slavina officially became the new CEO of Es Teh Indonesia and is ready to bring this Indonesian specialty drink to the world. Nagita is indeed a very easy person to meet on all social media platforms, but are you sure you know her enough? Let's take a step closer to getting to know Nagita Slavina and reveal the secret of her success in the Nagita's Corner program exclusively on MAXstream!


This variety show of 2 episodes will show you Nagita Slavina's lifestyle, especially in fashion and beauty. If you think she’s the type of person who only wears expensive foreign branded things, you’re very wrong! In this show you can see her love and pride in using local products. Accompanied by Wanda Hara and Bubah Alfian, the show is also filled with fun games. On top of that, you can also get a spill of recommended quality and affordable local products!


Hmm... no wonder Nagita can make the local brand's business global, get ready for the secret to be spilled! Watch Nagita's croner on MAXstream now to find out more.



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