Love in Game
It’s time to get immersed in the story of college students who’re chasing their dream to become pro players.

Esports players have the opportunity to make Indonesia proud, here's an esports movie you must watch!


We know how big the potential of esports players in Indonesia. The rise of esports competitions now brings young talents who have started to emerge to become professional esports teams. This also makes esports one of the most potential sports in Indonesia, both in terms of enthusiasts and business.


This year, Indonesia held the 2022 Esports President Cup with a vision to provide a way for esports athletes to step up to the national scale. From this competition, the winners of the President Cup are expected to challenge the 2022 Esports World Championship.


Ricky Setiawan, Chairman of PBESI revealed that 44.2 million Indonesians have participated in esports tournaments. This number shows the potential talent and interest in esports in Indonesia which is quite promising.


Therefore, on September 21, MAXstream released its original movie titled Love in Game. The movie is a production of Right Hand Entertainment and directed by Rendy Herpy. The film also stars Livy Renata, Gabriel Prince, Rachel Florencia, and Julian Jacob.


This film tells the life of 2 college students who have a dream to become a pro player. However, Livy also finds someone who makes her heart flutter in the game. Then, how does she manage college life and her ambition to become a pro player? Find out what happens in Love in Game which airs from September 21, 2022 only on MAXstream.




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