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Jelita Sejuba, story of a hidden hero
: A soldier’s wife must take care of her family without knowing when her husband will return. Watch only on MAXstream.

The struggle of great women behind the national heroes

Heroes' Day is a day of remembrance that we celebrate on November 10 every year. If you talk about Heroes' Day today, the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) is probably the figure we recall—as they’re the figure of government officials who are legally responsible and carry the duty to serve the country. But have you ever heard the idiom "Behind a successful man, there is a strong woman"? It does sound very true because behind the struggle of a soldier who works for the nation, there is a wife who is waiting at home. From these great women, we can learn that we don't need to go to war to become national heroes.


“Jelita Sejuba” is a film that tells the love story of an Indonesian National Armed Forces officer and a girl from Natuna who make a family together. This film brings the point of view of the wife of a soldier as a tribute to the great women behind the nation's soldiers. The officer's wife referred to in “Jelita Sejuba” is Sharifah (Putri Marino), a girl who runs a small food stall together with her good friend. They name their stall Jelita Sejuba. It was at this food stall that Sharifah met Captain Jaka (Wafda Saifan Lubis) for the first time, who was being assigned by his battalion to Natuna.


The twists and turns of love go on ever since they met for the first time until they’re married. Sharifah must learn to harbor her longing every time Jaka goes out of town or even abroad. Sharifah doesn’t immediately tell her husband about her worries or concerns as a soldier's wife because it may distract him from his responsibility to serve the country. This film depicts the strength and fortitude of a woman who struggles to manage her household and raises her own child without knowing when her husband will return.


The background of this film is Natuna, which is known for the beautiful, natural scenery. Such a visual that can heal your eyes. In addition, this film also raises the original culture of Natuna and uses the Malay language. Jelita Sejuba is very grounded to the life of a soldier and his wife, depicting the longing for someone far away and the responsibility to defend the motherland before personal interests. Now, if you want to dive deeper into the story of hidden heroes, wait no more and watch “Jelita Sejuba” for FREE on the MAXstream application. Download the app now on the Play Store and App Store or click here to watch.



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