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Brata The Series

Brata The Series
Watch one of the best Indonesian crime thriller series, Brata, only on MAXstream.

Chills! A gruesome murder story for your Halloween movie night

Trick or Treat! If you enjoy the Halloween vibe every October, don’t forget to have a scary movie night too. Usually Halloween is synonymous with witches, demons, and scary creatures. However, things like murders and mutilations are no less scary! MAXstream wants to share a story of a gruesome murder that begins with the discovery of pieces of a human body that are assembled and attached to the head of Cepot, one of the figures from the puppet show. What's even more surprising is the fact that the body parts come from five different victims. All right... still get the nerve to continue? Let's help Detective Brata who must investigate the murder and mutilation case.


Set in the city of Jakarta, Brata the series tells a story about Brata, a detective known for his unusual method of uncovering a case. Apart from being tough and intelligent, Brata will also do anything to uphold justice and help those who are wronged. Now he has to chase a murderer who appears to be performing a ritual in his murder. One of the interesting things is that the perpetrator uses the philosophy of 'Cepot' in his murder. In wayang golek (puppet arts made of wood), Cepot is known as a failed student but has a wise nature and gives something unexpected. This figure is used by the killer in this story, a human who failed because he lost everything and now, he’s giving an unexpected lesson.


Brata series has opened the gate for the Indonesian crime fiction series which is successfully made into 10 episodes very elegantly. Even though it is in the same level with a western series, every scene in the Brata series holds many story elements that are very Indonesia.


Okay, we know you’re a brave soul. What are you waiting for? Brata is ready to take you to solve murder cases together in Brata the Series. Watch it now for FREE on the MAXstream application or you can click this link for season 1 and this link for season 2.


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