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The twists and turns of a young married couple in Baby Blues movie


Celebrity love stories are fun to listen to, but in reality, marriage is not as beautiful as it appears on social media! How complicated is married life, really? Let's take a peek at the young married couple, Dika and Dinda, in Baby Blues movie!


Baby blues are feelings of sadness that many women experience in the early days after giving birth. Who would have thought that marriage problems could arise from the birth of the first child in the life of a sweet, married couple, Dika (Vino G. Bastian) and Dinda (Aurelie Moeremans)? The joy of having a first child must be followed by the baby blues phenomenon which is increasingly becoming a problem for Dika and Dinda's household. At the peak of anger, a huge fight breaks out between the couple who have just become parents.


After the fight, the next morning Dika and Dinda miraculously switch bodies! Dika has to live as Dinda and on the other hand Dinda has to live as Dika. Both finally feel the difficulties of their partner.


Will this incident foster a mutual understanding between this couple? Or will their bodies be swapped forever?


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