VAS - SMS Striker

A picture says so much more

Convert your SMS into MMS with a simple sticker.

The next level evolution of SMS

SMS Stiker

  • Easily add charming stickers to each SMS you send
  • No data required

How it works

Get started

Call *500*16#




Add X(space) in front of the message you type to change the usual SMS to MMS Stiker.

How it works

Get started

  1. Call *500*16#


  1. Description


  1. Add X(space) in front of the message you type to change the usual SMS to MMS Stiker.

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  • FAQ

  • Terms & conditions

What is SMS Stiker?

It’s an SMS-based service that will convert your SMS into MMS by adding a simple sticker.

How do I use this service?


Dial *500*16#

Choose SMS Stiker package

Press 1 to confirm


Use the service:

Type your SMS using format X(space) message then send it to your friend.

Ex: X where are you going?

Can I use SMS Stiker while messaging non-Telkomsel customers?

No. You can only use this service to Telkomsel users.

How much does it cost?

30-day registration: Rp 5,000 + Rp 330 per message

15-day registration: Rp 3,000 + Rp 330 per message

4-day registration: Rp 1,000 + Rp 330 per message

2-day registration: Rp 500 + Rp 330 per message

Can I choose the picture that will be sent to the recipient?

No. The system will automatically analyse your sentences to search for keywords and identify suitable pictures.

Will the recipient always receive messages in the form of MMS?

No. The system checks whether the recipient has MMS enabled on their phone. If not, then the message will be sent as a Picture Message.

How can I disable this service?

Via SMS: Text OFF to 2805

Via UMB: Dial *500*16#

You can view the complete terms and conditions by downloading them here.