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Chat & Bola

  • Chatting and dating services
  • Fantasy Ball and other free games

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Call *500*40#



Press 1 to activate service.



Each time you use the service, press the number corresponding to your chosen option.

Coin Party: 1

Chat & Date: 2

Fantasy Ball: 3

Coins & Pulses: 4

Games: 5

Ask Beib: 6

Main Menu: 0

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Chat with many new friends, and best of all, do it without using up data.

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What is Chat & Bola?

Chat & Bola is a community-based service program for Telkomsel subscribers. It’s designed like social media such that users can interact with one another. The services and features include the following:

Chat & Date
Fantasy Ball
Coins & Pulses

How can I participate in this program?

Telkomsel subscribers can participate by calling *500*40# or sending an SMS in the format REG<space>CB to 99585 (tariff Rp.2200 / SMS, 1 SMS / 2 days). After successful registration, you can access the UMB menu at *500*00# to chat, play Fantasy Ball and enjoy games.

What are the prizes for winners in Chat & Ball?

Users with a minimum of 5000 coins will get a credit of Rp. 5,000 (Five Thousand Rupiah) which can be redeemed by making a pulse exchange request on the Coins & Pulses menu

How can I redeem 5000 coins for Rp5.000?

You can do so by dialling *500*00# and then selecting the menu option COP & PULSE followed by the menu option PULSE EXCHANGE. You can also exchange via SMS by texting EXCHANGE to 99858.

How many winners can redeem 5000 coins for Rp5.000?

There are no restrictions on the number of winners who can redeem. All customers who have enough coins to exchange can do so.

How can I check the number of coins I have?

You can do so by accessing *500*00# or by texting KOIN to 99858.

How many coins can I redeem?

Only in sets of 5,000 coins. Each set of 5,000 coins can be redeemed for Rp 5,000 only.

Is there a time limit for redeeming coins for cash?

There is no time limit for redemption, as long as you have a minimum of 5,000 coins.

What are the tariffs for redeeming coins?

The applicable tariffs are Rp2.200 / SMS, 1 SMS / 2 days for 90 days

Where can I know more about this program?

You may contact our CS at 08119899858 or

1. Seluruh layanan VAS (Value Added Service) tersedia untuk pelanggan Kartu Halo, Simpati, Kartu As, dan Loop

2. Layanan ini hanya dapat diaktivasi di Indonesia

3. Skema dan periode masa aktif berlangganan mengikuti masing-masing layanan yang dikonfirmasi di awal pembelian

4. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut terkait Tarif dan Masa Aktif berlangganan, hubungi Custom