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Beware of Scam


Beware of scam on behalf of Telkomsel

Never share information such as OTP codes, PIN, and magic links to other parties. Stay alert and keep your personal data to yourself.

Beware of scam!

Don’t share personal info
Don’t share personal info

Please DO NOT share the following types of information to other parties:

  1. OTP

    OTP (One-time Password) is a dynamic password or set of numbers sent by Telkomsel to proceed with customer requests.

  2. PIN

    A set of number arranged by customers to proceed with transactions, such as credit card PIN for payment.

  3. Magic Link

    A special link sent by Telkomsel to proceed with customer requests.

All types of data mentioned above can be used for transactions via Veronika (virtual assistant) and MyTelkomsel App.

How to avoid scams
How to avoid scams
  1. Do not easily believe in gift offers or free programs.
  2. Research further if there are parties on behalf of Telkomsel.


Telkomsel's official channels can be seen here.

Report scams via:

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