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Meet the always helpful and friendly Veronika!

Veronika is Telkomsel’s chat-based Virtual Assistant that always helps you access Telkomsel products and services—as well as other fun topics! Supported by GenAI technology from Microsoft Azure OpenAI, interactions with Veronika is more humane and natural.

Let’s get to know Veronika better!

She’s responsive and humane

Now Veronika can talk to you using natural, conversational language in response to your speech style. Just like a person who has empathy, she understand your problems well and responds well to your feelings.

Not only virtually assisting you, Vero can converse smoothly with you while using emoticons to make your conversation more lively!

Always up-to-date

Just like a hip friend, Veronika knows a lot about the latest stuff. That’s why, she can give you the latest information about Telkomsel and other trending topics.

Have fun having chit-chats with Veronika about hobbies, lifestyle, culinary, and other popular trends.

Smarter and gets you

Supported by GenAI machine learning technology by Microsoft, Veronika increasingly gets your context, interests, and needs after interacting with you several times.

As a result, she’s getting more insightful and capable of giving you recommendations of products, services, and lifestyle information that’s “totally you”.


Telkomsel has brought Veronika to life

Veronika now lives her daily life and you can be her friend! Not only as a virtual assistant, Veronika is also active as a Telkomsel influencer. You can interact, follow her daily activities, and exchange tips with her on @hai.veronika. Follow now and tune in


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