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Package Migration

Contact IndiHome Care
Contact IndiHome Care

For Migration Package services, customers can contact IndiHomeCare via:

  1. Nearest GraPARI
  2. Call Center 188 or 147
  3. IndiHomeCare social media accounts:
    • Instagram: @indihomecare
    • Facebook: IndiHome Care
    • X: @indihomecare
    • Email:
Migration Package Submission
Migration Package Submission
  1. Provide the details of IndiHome Customer ID Number and package migration request to the officer.
  2. The officer will validate the customer and package migration request, as well as convey the terms and conditions for it.
  3. Follow the next steps based on officer instruction so that the process is successful.
Documents and Terms and Conditions
Documents and Terms and Conditions
  1. KTP (original/photocopy)
  2. Pay current month's bills
  3. Stamped power of attorney if authorized
  4. KTP of authorizer/owner (original/photocopy) if authorized
  5. Applicant's KTP (original/photocopy)
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