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Halo Family 150K


Halo Family 550K


Halo Family 300K


Halo•Family Benefits

  • Unlimited voice call to HaloFamily members (CUG Family).
  • Additional Internet Family quota, available in all networks (2G/3G/4G) every month for every member.
  • Internet sharing feature to all members using Internet Family Sharing.
  • Convenient kartuHalo one billing payment.

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  • Terms & Conditions

  1. The package price stated here does not include VAT.
  2. The price of Family Sharing internet package (Rp20,000) is a full-rate price, but the price of the monthly HaloKick! is pro-rate.
  3. Family Sharing internet quota is available on all Telkomsel networks.
  4. All Halo•Family members can activate Family Sharing internet package based on the current HaloKick!.
  5. Content quota can be used to access VideoMAX dan MusicMAX.
  6. Family Sharing internet quota can be used by all Halo•Family members (parent dan child numbers).
  7. Family Sharing internet package is valid for 1 month based on the billing cycle, and will not be automatically renewed.
  8. Family Sharing internet quota will be used when the main and extra quota has been all used up.
  9. All Halo•Family members can check their remaining Family Sharing internet quota by dialing *111# or via MyTelkomsel App.
  10. The minimum amount of Halo•Family member is 2 members (1 parent and 1 child), with the maximum amount of 10 members.
  11. Family Sharing internet package can be activated via *111#, Call Center 188 or GraPARI.
  12. kartuHalo billing will be sent to the parent number every month based on the billing cycle.