Halo Limit

Telkomsel Halo

It’s easier to manage your bills

Manage your Telkomsel Halo bills with the Usage Limit feature. You can arrange your usage according to your needs, so it won’t surpass your monthly limit.

The usage limit Includes


Check Your usage limit

Adjust your Telkomsel Halo bills according to your social need every month. To check your usage limit, you can access *888# or use MyTelkomsel App.

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How to check the usage limit

Upgrade your usage limit through

Upgrade Your usage limit

You can upgrade your usage limit easily through MyTelkomsel App, customer service, or GraPARI.


Don’t want to upgrade Your limit? Pay the current bills

To stay with your current usage limit, you just need to pay your current bills to enjoy Telkomsel Halo service.

Through social media

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